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How many of us are in agreement on the State of the Dead?

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Hi Teresa,

I assume you mean that the dead know nothing until resurrection? - I agree with the historic Adventist view.

Yes I agree with that also because it is in the bible.

my heart thrills when i think of the state of the dead

even though i grew up in a home that hated JESUS and refused church for us

my mom came from a catholic and  was heavily indrocinated

and did pass that notion to me that when we die we go to heaven or hell depending on if we we are good or not


so coming across the TRUTH of GODS CHARACTER as taught by my beloved church still thrills my heart when i reflect on it


growing up with such a distortion of WHO GOD really is  gives one every reason to rebel

learning what a GOD HE really is draws us to HIM with complete abandon

I am in agreement with both the biblical state of the dead and the 2300 days. 

I don't know how you stand on state of the dead. I agree with "the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten." Ecclesiastes 9:5

....and so on. This seems like a test thread. Pretty much a yes or no. No surprise that most are not responding.

Teresa said "For those who want to follow the god of this earth and be snotty, suspicious, evil surmising and all the characteristics of Satan himself take yourselves back to the hell you came from."

Something is seriously wrong with you.


What is going on here?  There are serious problems with treating others in this discussion in a most hurtful & distasteful way.  To suggest someone came from hell (and should go back there) is outrageous.  How can you know that?  It is hurtful and cannot be tolerated.  This blatantly goes against our Site Rules & Guidelines.

Please treat all that participate here with the love of Christ.



u dont get the spirit of this thread

TERESA sees so much division and people splitting hairs and debating that she was trying to think of a way to find unity among our brethren and sisteren by posting SDA fundemental beliefs


and u come in here with

....and so on. This seems like a test thread. Pretty much a yes or no. No surprise that most are not responding.


i saw it shortly after u posted it and im like


maybe you should have stretched your arms with a long yawn after! :)



In all fairness how would the brother know that is her intent,when she didnt state it. The title is How many, then the spinoff is believe in the state of the dead. No other staement. I didnt know the OPs stance on the state of the dead till I read the comments of other memebers that she agreed with. So in all fairness I see why he asked. Its not until you read other post that you find out the purpose of the thread is  "for those who would like to be in agreement" etc..

Anyhow, yes I believe in our church. Its mission, its doctirne etc.... All the other questions. But how many of us believe in living this word? The comments to that brother from the OP about going back to the hell he came from, fogs my mind about wanting to be in agreement. A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievious words stir up anger Prov 15:1, James 3 (talks about the tongue). The same tongue we bless God with we curse his creation. And I know AO already commented on it, but that statement cut me---How many of us pray for the Holy Spirit? How many of us want to live out this Jesus? Good intentions mean nthing if they are not Gods intention. How many us pray and agoniz with the Lord?

Ne hooo. Sorry so long, and my intent is not to be anti. Because Im not. But if we want to be in agreement that also means we can agree to disagree. The problem with these post is that people feel disagreement means you dislike a person or whatever it may be. But if we are united on the WORD, it matters not what I feel. Can we just agree to let Jesus win.

Blessings to you


Well said...

It would be nice to see Teresa show the loving spirit towards all that she apparently shows towards homosexual teens - maybe we're just getting mixed messages.


The love of Jesus is not subject to partiality, is it?


I hope both yourself and TERESA understand how her cutting comments may come across after such an impassioned plea for Christ-likeness in other discussions.

God bless

I agree on the state of the dead. Also that the 2300 days began in 457BC and finished October 22nd 1844, at which time the judgment of the dead began in heaven.

But Teresa, are we wanting to do a kind of "numbering of Israel"?


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