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How many men are truly sincere in this site to seeing their partner to be?

Sorry to all i just only curious......How can we save our hearts from the heartbreaks? How can we trust again?

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thanks for your none....:)


That's not a correct response! Quite a presumptive one ! There are a lot of honest men out there, and on this site ... do not paint all men with the same brush. 

Many men have suffered heart-breaking experiences like you 'Sweetie', and are as pessimistic as you seem to have become - Its very much a two-sided dilemma.

As for the issue of sincerely expecting a life partner from this site - that's purely personal ... let individuals decide for themselves

Let this site be a platform for meeting friends ... then as friends get to know each other well, they can decide if they are compatible as life partners...

Its a tough quest, yes ... just brace up and pray... it shall be well with you... 

Sometimes it helps to '....  Be still, and know that I am God.....' Psa 46:10

well said brother Daniel 

Acfually it is happening to both genders.

Dear Sweetie,

Since your birth God has been there to support you, without you knowing to trust Him. Then you happened to grow up and became aware of His presence in your life and your future life...Regarding future life' it means how and where you are going to live after are aware that there is another world..the New Jerusalem..and you are happy about this and also awaiting the coming of our Lord Jesus. If you can really TRUST Jesus to make available a place till eternity,then my question to you is why can't you trust Him to guide you to the man He has assigned for you as your life partner..Too often we act on our own then when the damage is being caused then we are hurt and try to associate things to that burden making it appeared more heavier and uglier. Prayer is the key which opens ALL doors and TRUST in God is the amazing endless solutions to ALL OUR PROBLEMS.

Regarding the title of your post discussion I can assure you that there are in fact men on this site that are God fearing and wish to build a clear christian relationship till life depart. Again pray and wait. Thanks for reading my reply to your post. The more you Trust Him the more you will discover love which is beyond what you have experienced so far. So get ready to discover it and fighting for it with your knees and hands, no one will ever stumble u again. God bless you

I agree with you Sabrina. There are some good men here.
And please pray for me Pastor.


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