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How Should We Pay The Tithe?  This may seem an unnecessary question, but some believe there is an alternative way of tithing under certain circumstances.  

We are told that the tithe should always be paid direct to our local church which then sends it on further. 

Some, under certain conditions, favour the paying of it direct to the preacher of their choice.  This may be a preacher who is not on the conference payroll but who is faithfully preaching the truth for this time, and who has no other source of income.  

What do you think of this question?

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I think we should pay it to the church we can give such preachers gifts etc but the tithe belongs to the church as organisation ordanined by God to carry forth his work.

Is not the purpose of the tithe the most important thing Newton?  And isn't its purpose the support of God's ministers--God's preachers?  Does it really matter if the preacher is not, for whatever reason, on the conference payroll?  If that preacher is faithfully preaching the truth for these last days full time and, for whatever reason, does not receive the tithe to support him, then how is he supposed to be paid?  Should ANY worker have to rely wholly on just gifts?  Gifts can vary in amount and when they come in.  Especially shouldn't a preacher in these last days who is warning the people of the end of all things and the soon second coming of Jesus be supported properly even if he does not get his wages from the denomination?  Is the tithe the property of the church primarily or for the preacher of the 3 angels' messages?  

By the way, tithe is God's money, not the church's money isn't it?  The church is there to organise what and where tithe goes and to whom, rather than to be the OWNER of it isn't it?  God is the owner of all our monies and of the tithe, and He says in Malachi 3: 8, (8-10) that we rob HIM if we don't pay the tithe!  

OK it says to pay into the storehouse (the church) but if the storehouse is not doing its part for some reason by not paying certain full-time preachers then how are they to continue the urgent work of preaching the end-time message of God?  God instituted the tithing system for those who preach His word.  Why should some be excluded and just have to rely on an uncertain income for whatever reason that that might be?

I welcome all views on this subject of course--both out of, or in agreement of what I have proposed here.

Yes Lilac that's so.  However, I would put it this way--Malachi and the Spirit of Prophecy!  The Ellen White writings were given us in order to make things even clearer lest we fail to delve deeper into the subject as the Bible has given it and thus fail to gain a perfect comprehensive understanding of the matter.  That's the purpose of Bible study isn't it?

And so on the matter of supporting the preacher(s) who are not on the church payroll I see a case for paying them direct rather than they come short of what they are due.  I'm speaking of faithful preachers who are giving the end-time message of present truth, which incidentally many pastors who are on the church payroll are failing to do as they should!  And I'm very sorry to have to say that that is so, at least in the country I am in it is so. 

I welcome all views on this.  May the Lord open our eyes to things that we perhaps have not discerned but need to see!  

May the Lord bless and guide His church and each one of us in these last tumultuous final days of earth's history when Satan is so active in trying both to promote errors and also hide vital truths in our beloved church.

I wrote several posts on this issue a couple of years ago.  I have not had substantial change in attitude since then.  This denomination does not follow the Biblical teaching on the tithing.  In two of the posts in that thread I give a very thorough summary of the Biblical teaching concerning tithing.  It caused a stir and many did not like it, but I had the texts to back it up.  And unlike you, I do not find Ellen White to be of much help in the matter because she towed the General Conference line on the matter instead of upholding scriptural teaching.

SDA doctrine backs itself with scripture, but it picks and chooses a few verses to twist to support their point of view rather than doing a thorough study to see what God really says about it. 

My first post in the thread mentioned above is found at this link:

The tithe does not go to the priests, it goes to the Levites, in other words, to the rest of the workers -- the teachers, doctors, lawyers and many others.  These pay their tithes to the temple.  The priests get the majority of the offerings, but the Levites assisting in the outer court ministering to the people also share in these offerings.  In this denomination the Pastors take for themselves the funds that should go to the schools, hospitals and other institutions, then force the people to pay additional fees for the use of those institutions.  This is a problem, and that problem is a sin.


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