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Last Sabbath I had a very troubling experience with my Pastor. I don't want to go into the details but suffice it to say that I disagreed with the views he presented in a seminar he conducted. Essentially he told the church we are sick,dying or dead. No problem. My issue is that he gave no solution to the grave condition of the church. When I pointed this out he became angry and later promised never again to allow me to speak in church. Is it that we are no longer allowed to disagree with our ministers' point of view? Have we changed from a church that respected but never revered its Pastors. I find many of them despise opposition and expect that the congregation give unquestioning support to whatever they say/propose. What are your thoughts brethren and sisters?

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That is strange, Russell. My pastors have never done anything like that that I know of. I think that some pastors, though, are afraid to let people think for themselves. Of course, that's been going on for centuries.

I have no idea why your pastor was so angry. From what you said it doesn't even seem like you really disagreed with his belief as much as with the lack of a solution to the problem he saw. Assuming you weren't rude or inappropriate, he definitely overreacted.
I've asked myself since then if I was rude. I don't think so, nor was I inappropriate. I spoke to what he presented. But this apparant lack of tolerance for the views of the ordinary members seem to be spreading here. At times I get the impression its an educatiional thing, you know, "I studied theology, you didn't, so just accept what I say". I consider myself someone who does not depend on others to form my views for me. I study the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. If what is said lines up with what is written, I agree. If not I don't and if given the oppertunity I say so. Not every body accepts independent thinkers.
Exactly. What really concerns me is that not every one takes the time to study for themselves and out of reverence for the pastor and the belief that he will always lead them right, they go along and are led astray.
What do I think?

I think I don't know enough to know.

There are always two sides to a story. And this story I suspect has many holes. And by holes .... I mean things that we don't know. That's why it's difficult to say.

Whatever .... I don't find pastors defensive. I find them delighted when people are thinking and studying. It's not bad to suggest to your pastor that he didn't emphasize enough of the solution in your opinion. So, I don't think you did anything wrong from the info you have given us.

Best thing to do is to make an appointment to speak to your pastor and find a way to heal the division. Matt.18 can work wonders. So often Matt.18 is the last resort rather than the first. And what a shame.

Be well ...
Then bro, you are still blessed with what I call the 'old time' pastors. I thank God there are still many out there. By the way, coments do not necessarily have to be on my experience. My concern is how we should respond to pastors who behave like the one I described. Thats why I didn't go into details, so am aware of the 'holes'. I appreciate your recomending Matt.18.
God bless.....
Quite the contrary with my experience. I find that the old time pastors are territorial and have the old time belief that one does not question the pastor. (The authority figure !!!) Newer pastors are more receptive and encouraging of people studying on their own and differing with the pastor.

Just from my experience of the past half century in Adventism.
submissive is my trad mark!I respect my pastor,but sometimes we can find that fear to preach the true! so,they preach just simple things that cant works to help us in our journey!this kind of pastor,around 80%(under "my jugdement")are wrong and will cry too later cos not feed us like a hungry and tirsty sheeps!
what you think about this?
Tonny ... Unfortunately the pastor has to deal with people at all different levels of maturity. And also unfortunately ... most and the vast majority are not up to the high maturity that you are at. And I don't mean this condescendingly. It is just the truth of the last days.

So, he has to give the babies their milk. And you are not wanting milk ... you want meat. I suspect that in your case ... you will have to find your own meat. For those at church still need the milk.

I hope you take my words in the kindness that they were presented. And if you have trouble with the language difference. Just feel free to ask.
As much as we would like to think that a pastor won't steer us in the wrong direction, they are fallible human beings. So it seems important as was pointed out, to study for ourselves.[Acts 17:11] I know of a church where the pastor did away with the nominating commitee and basically makes these decisions himself or with a select few. He has been quite unreceptive to any feedback concerning the way things are done.
Reminds me of the mighty oak that was felled by the beetles eating away on the inside. On the face of things a veneer of church, beneath, dead wood. And sadly as you say, souls are placed in a quandry. What do you do in such a situation?
We each are responsible for ourselves. We should not be depending upon the pastor. The chances of you getting a pastor that aligns with your particular expectations,needs, beliefs and qualities are slim at best. And if you ever do get a pastor that qualifies .... he will most likely be moved onto greener pastures.
I agree NHim! but I was to try to talk in that way,where the pastor run away from delicated issue,and closse eyes about faults and just preach issue that not involve changes or help grow up!not caring about advises and some pastor never preach what we need ,just talking in general and not comes at points!just turn around and fear about to use issue using the "belt"!every thing that member do is right!not call the sin "by name"
If all one hears preached about is what is sin ... without knowing who forgives ... then you will just be sour and discouraged all your life. No hope in that. :)


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