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How to Follow Wednesday's Ordination Debate Live

Good Morning from San Antonio, Texas where the Alamodome is filling up quickly. The moment's business session begins at 9:30 Central Time, and ordination is the only item of business on today's agenda.

Spectrum will be covering the event live in two ways. First, we'll be live-tweeting the business session. You can follow us our OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT for moment-by-moment updates through the whole day. Second, we will be broadcasting live on Periscope, a video-streaming application. We will give you the live link to that Periscope feed as soon as the live broadcast begins.

Meanwhile, be sure to read this article about the Actual Significance of the Ordination Vote, and sign the Adventist Unity statement at

Whatever happens today, count on Spectrum for un-filtered, honest, and instantaneous updates on this historic event.

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".......we will continue to follow General Conference policy by commissioning women pastors, and ordaining women elders and deaconesses."

NAD Responds to the Vote on Women's Ordination

The following statement is provided by the North American Division Communications Department

Posted July 9, 2015

The North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists acknowledges the vote that took place earlier today at the 60th General Conference Session, not allowing for regional accommodation of those world regions asking to allow for the ordination of women. After much prayerful study and discussion, the delegates voted 1381-977 to not pass the motion on the session floor.

The leadership of the NAD is saddened by this vote, but respects the decision of the world body in session and we are committed to continual cooperation and fellowship with the world church. While today’s vote does not allow for each division of the church to ordain women to gospel ministry, we will continue to follow General Conference policy by commissioning women pastors, and ordaining women elders and deaconesses.

Many individuals in the NAD have weighed in on the conversation preceding this vote, and some of these conversations have become emotionally charged. NAD President Daniel Jackson shared his desire for the division after the vote. “We ask our members to focus their energies on the one thing we can agree with, the mission of the church. God has called all of us to serve Him in ministry, whether we are recognized by the church or not. The NAD recognizes that every person no matter his or her race, age or gender has a vital role to play in sharing the gospel message with the world. Let us be united as a family that is bound by the love and grace of Jesus Christ. While we may disagree on various approaches to ministry, let us all agree on the need to reach all people with the message of hope and wholeness, and a new life in Jesus. We will continue with our intention of placing as many women into pastoral ministry as possible. We affirm the important role they play in reaching all of God’s children. We ask that all members of the Adventist Church keep praying for God’s guidance as we move forward in mission.”


Indeed Meta 

As expected the NAD says the vote has denied the WO but we will continue to do whatever we Like. 

So do you think the GC will continue to keep all the NAD leaders on the payroll and go on as usual with no discipline or consequences to not following what the GC in session votes on?

Hi Sister Leonora,

My understading from the statement below means that whereas they were ordaining female "pastors" prior to July 8th, now they will just commission rather than ordain.

The question that some have asked is "what will happen to the female "pastors" that have been ordained? Will they revert back to being commissioned?

It definitely does not sound like a "grand father clause" is in operation post July 8th in the NAD.

In other words the NAD is not at liberty to continue "ordaining" as has been mentioned in the quotation from the article.

".......we will continue to follow General Conference policy by commissioning women pastors, and ordaining women elders and deaconesses."

It sounds to me like one "hot mess"...and from what I can tell, eyes may well be diverted in another direction...that of restructuring of the NAD ...more on that on another thread.

Eyes on the Lord ....


This issue of whether females pastor can be given senior position, could it be a fight to not have them receive the same salary as their male counterparts, whilst some just using the Bible as a front?

Females should have no position as a pastor ever.

See this link 

Yeah over 1000 delegates were using this opportunity to keep women from the same pay. You figured out their evil conspiracy.

Well it have to be. For Thomas, first the issue is a non -issue as I have shown in other discourses on this subject. It was clearly shown that once the Holy Spirit give you a task or position that He sees fit that is your job which you will be doing, and every church member is happy with that. If you are going to distant lands, or if the Holy Spirit say, listen I need these two or three people to do a special work in a distant land, then the folks whoever is around prayed God blessing on them by laying hands and praying. For example, when Paul and Barnabas was wanted by the Holy Spirit, the prophet and teachers around prayed and send them away. However the Adventist version of this things is that if you want to serve as a pastor, you have to be ordained and ordained to do gospel ministry, which according to one of the founder is fulfilling or doing the ordinances of the church [ foot washing, baptizing, preaching, teaching, and so on]. For this system is what working now. Is there any system where people can hear, audibly, the Holy Spirit say, you will be assigned to do this work?  or in other words are the churches set up like the apostles and their members where everyone is in one accord and the Holy Spirit was the boss and everyone tune in to whatever He says?For He came to fulfil the purposes for what Jesus say He will come to do.

So given that both man and woman can be impressed to the call to be sub shepherds guiding Gods flock, and given that impression is indicative of the Holy Spirit working, because of their love for the Bible and His sheep, then the Adventist doing an act of what they refer to as recognition and ordaining does not make sense. For these pastors are serving the church in varying jurisdictions, by committing themselves to taking care of the ordinances of the church. For this work they are paid from the tithes and offerings collected. So if being ordained one gets a higher pay than a regular pastor, and given that you can get certain benefits and privileges from the State, since the Adventist General Conference is a creature of the state, then it is highly possible, to argue that the fight boils down to an issue of salary, and, by extension of mygony. For if you as a man, is getting a certain salary being ordained, and may be the case in some jurisdictions, and given that they let women be 'ordained' in the Adventist way, it means both parties are going to have the same salary. Whether the man is comfortable with that depends on his perception of what a woman's roles is, which for some is to be at home, cooking, cleaning, washing and see after children; and if in church, to shut up and sit down on the chair, or bench. Or if she have to teach, let it be the primary Sabbath school, possibly adult Sabbath School. It depends. Some may be comfortable with getting the same pay as establishes, but I can be wrong and stand to be corrected. For according to some of these men, the Bible say women must not teach or have authority over man, which Paul quote is according to the law and his disposition. What law Paul is talking about has to be investigated.

Thus every attempt to debase and belittle women into servants and agent of Satan is evident. Thus every attempt to show God don't favour women to lead His dear flock is evident, although the Bible indicates clearly where God is indifferent on who leads - for whom He call, He equips once they obey and do what He says.

So Thomas, bro, with a delegation that is highly male dominated with a mix of female in there, the vast majority wouldn't want that, and as result this vote was of itself skewed, or not balance. The only balance would be throwing this vote to each church member at large, then it would be fair, balance. Pray and ask God to help the members and Administration. 


I think you must not fully understand how the Church is set up. The NAD is Paying its Tithe to the GC But The GC has not much control on the running of NAD. That will leave NAD free to do pretty much what ever they feel like (most likely NAD is running the GC anyway). I find it most improbable that NAD will un-ordain a female that they have ordained anyway. Commissioning females pastors is just a sneaky way of having a female pastor that has Pastors credentials in the Divisions that have female pastors. So in other words the GC has not done one thing to right this mess. 

True.  They were simply, like guilty children, looking for validation of their wrong choices.  When they could not have it, they continued to be rebellious and defiant.

Shabbat Shalom, this morning Sermon is coming from Pastor Billingy


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