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How to Follow Wednesday's Ordination Debate Live

Good Morning from San Antonio, Texas where the Alamodome is filling up quickly. The moment's business session begins at 9:30 Central Time, and ordination is the only item of business on today's agenda.

Spectrum will be covering the event live in two ways. First, we'll be live-tweeting the business session. You can follow us our OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT for moment-by-moment updates through the whole day. Second, we will be broadcasting live on Periscope, a video-streaming application. We will give you the live link to that Periscope feed as soon as the live broadcast begins.

Meanwhile, be sure to read this article about the Actual Significance of the Ordination Vote, and sign the Adventist Unity statement at

Whatever happens today, count on Spectrum for un-filtered, honest, and instantaneous updates on this historic event.

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Not everybody who  voted "no" are necessarily against WO. I am pro WO and would also have voted "no".  

About who is being lead by the devil. Ofcourse that is very debatable.

About the Rainbow colours. I don't know ? For design purposes and probably goes well with lighting or theme or whatever.

Sadly this doesnt close this decades old issue.

The divisions and unions who need or want WO will keep ordaining women and the divisions and unions against WO will keep crying heresy and apostasy and as the votes show the divide could not be much further.

2020 delegates will vote again latest 2025....

Till than this whole discussion and dividing issue will remain in the Church all around and nothing changes.

I wonder how long this will keep going on this way.

Yes something must give for sure, unless the Lord will take his Bride home with many spots and wrinkles.

There are 2 ways to settle this issue:

Either vote yes on the symbolic questions like presented in GC2015 or restructure the Church and its organizational structure to allow authority on these matters back to the GC...

First option failed

Second option probably would not succeed or is not wanted.

Status quo = Every division / union does what they need / want and those who do not like that cry apostasy and heresy...

Status Quo = every division does what ever they please. Twisting God's word to suit them self. 

No.  Much like Korah's rebellion, those who stated Yes, will follow the Alistair Crowley model of "Do what thou wilt." and do whatever they want to anyway.  Prophecy will be fulfilled that the Church will appear to fall, but will not.  Those that embrace gay marriage and WOPE will spin out to other churches, and then be replaced, by those seeking truth from the outside.  Then the Mark of the Beast, and the end.  It is all coming to a head.

I know.  I watched it on my I-Phone.  Through the debates, the points of order, and the ultimate vote.  I wasn't surprised at all by the comments from the European Division.  The Danish woman declared that to not  vote yes would violate Danish law.  I guess she values man's law over God's.

What Danish law was she referring to? She said something about when she returned Home.. ..etc.  she would be breaking man's law. What law? 

In Denmark as in other parts of the world there is a law which forbids religions and religious organizations to discriminate. This includes any (paid) position within the Church and ministerial roles.

The same is on the books in China as example where we ordain women since the SDA Church moved there.

In these countries the Church can either follow the law of the land which demands inclusion of women or be forced to shut down.

Either way that vote will not force the women to violate laws since it is not the GC or the division which ordains but the Unions and the respective union already followed to the law but it is to be expected that more european countries will pass similar laws.


p.s.: Civil liberties in a democracy are not a "pick what you like" buffet its a take all or none deal. 

And I suppose if Denmark mandated all women to be prostitutes she would head for the nearest corner as well?  The point is, you can accept human law or God's law.  There will always be consequences.  Many martyrs have given their lives rather than disregard God's law for man's.

Or if the law said all women should walk naked lol. Or that all should  worship on Sunday and work on Saturday etc. 

Both those references are silly.  The Danish government would never require women to be prostitutes or walk naked.  By that same logic what a church in Denmark wanted to practice arson?  Should the government allow that?


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