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How to Follow Wednesday's Ordination Debate Live

Good Morning from San Antonio, Texas where the Alamodome is filling up quickly. The moment's business session begins at 9:30 Central Time, and ordination is the only item of business on today's agenda.

Spectrum will be covering the event live in two ways. First, we'll be live-tweeting the business session. You can follow us our OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT for moment-by-moment updates through the whole day. Second, we will be broadcasting live on Periscope, a video-streaming application. We will give you the live link to that Periscope feed as soon as the live broadcast begins.

Meanwhile, be sure to read this article about the Actual Significance of the Ordination Vote, and sign the Adventist Unity statement at

Whatever happens today, count on Spectrum for un-filtered, honest, and instantaneous updates on this historic event.

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Heisenberg:"And I suppose if Denmark mandated all women to be prostitutes she would head for the nearest corner as well?  The point is, you can accept human law or God's law.  There will always be consequences.  Many martyrs have given their lives rather than disregard God's law for man's."

Jason: "Or if the law said all women should walk naked lol. Or that all should  worship on Sunday and work on Saturday etc. "

Lazarus: "I think she is to humanistic to understand that sadly."

Stop your onslaught and think for a minute.

She was speaking for her Church not for herself.

This has nothing to do with the individual women but with the organization "Church".

So are you saying the SDA Church in these regions should shut down and not work in countries were there are laws with which you disagree?

So we shouldnt do mission work in China, Europe and some Asian countries? Or would you go there after the SDA Church is forced to shut down and do the missionary...? 

Either way as already said earlier the unions changed their bylaws already accordingly and will ordain women so will many other unions all around the world. This isnt going to change anymore until a GC Session changes the church structure

I think she is to humanistic to understand that sadly.

We are not to seek to maintain a peculiar identity of our own, a personality, an individuality, which will separate us from our fellow laborers. We have a character to maintain, but it is the character of Christ. Having the character of Christ, we can carry on the work of God together. The Christ in us will meet the Christ in our brethren, and the Holy Spirit will give that union of heart and action which testifies to the world that we are children of God. May the Lord help us to die toself and be born again, that Christ may live in us, a living, active principle, a power that will keep us holy. {9T 187.4}

Not disapointed about the "No" vote. Very sad and disturbing to see how Ps Jan Paulsen was treated though. #977.

Any division that already ordains women will continue to do so.  What was voted down was making "provision" to ordain women - not the act of ordaining women.  A division is in full compliance with the vote as long as the provision to ordain women already exists in the division.

That is true which is why not all who voted "no" are necessarily against WO and also which is why also Unions who do ordain woman are not in rebellion but are acting well within the constraints of the church constitution. 

Yes, the annual council would have never approve letting an initiative to ban women pastors get on the floor.  This language is what was intended.  Although some of the anti-WO crowd probably feel duped.

Undeniably many of the "no" voters thought that they were ridding the church of WO once and for all. Little do they understand what EG White contributed towards establishing at the 1901 GC session. 

Hi Folks,

Sister Natasha Neblett (soon to be Dysinger)

addresses the GC and makes some very valid points....

She made some excellent points!

However, at the same time by the position she is taking at the head of one of the larges youth organizations she is kind of sending a contradictory message between her words and actions.

It's not just a matter of a technicality as to whether one is "ordained" or not.  It's a question of leadership - that it is God's design for men to be leaders and women to be assistant leaders.

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