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I attend a small church that does not have a baby room. There is a family that has a young son who is still a baby/toddler (1 years old and 5months) and because of his age he constantly wants to move around and is not content to stay within their pew. If allowed to move around he stays quiet but when he is restricted he cries and one of them has to take him out of the sanctuary and into the hall. What can be done to train him to not want to move around? One of the parents alwatys misses parts of the service because they must be in the hall and his wandering and noise making (when he's restricted) interupts the service for others. No one in the church is complaining but I'm curious as to how to help them. I have no children of my own and occasionally go out with him myself. What advice or tips would you give?

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Denise, we have that at our church also. But to answer the question, it should start at home.

The Family Circle a School.
In His wisdom, the Lord has decreed that the family shall be the greatest of all educational agencies. It is in the home that the education of the child is to begin. Here is his first school. Here, with his parents as instructors, he is to learn the lessons that are to guide him throughout life, lessons of respect, obedience, reverence, self-control. The educational influences of the home are a decided power for good or for evil. They are in many respects, silent and gradual, but if exerted on the right side, they become a far-reaching power for truth and righteousness. If the child is not instructed aright here, Satan will educate him through agencies of his choosing. How important, then, is the school in the home! {AH 182.2}

Look upon the family circle as a training school, where you are preparing your children for the performance of their duties at home, in society, and in the church. {AH 182.3}

Home Education First in Importance. It is a sad fact, almost universally admitted and deplored, that the home education and training of the youth of today have been neglected. {AH 182.4}

There is no more important field of effort than that committed to the founders and guardians of the home. No work entrusted to human beings involves greater or more far-reaching results than does the work of fathers and mothers. {AH 182.5}

It is by the youth and children of today that the future of society is to be determined, and what these youth and children shall be, depends upon the home. To the lack of right home training, may be traced the larger share of the disease and misery and crime that curse humanity. If the home life were pure and true, if the children who went forth from its care, were prepared to meet life's responsibilities and dangers, what a change would be seen in the world! {AH 182.6}

I know a Brother in Christ that has set up a podium in his home and there they have their first training in "The Word of God", which will lead them to reverence when they come into the church.

Our son was trained the same way, without the podium, trained to sit as we did our worship, my wife and I, and if and when, because they will do, they get restless, we would put some paper down in front of him , and something to write with, and he is expected to write quietly, and he did. When we went to church, there was no problem with him.
Praise God.

So, it has to start at home.

May God bless you in your effort with this.
Amen Anthony

I fully agree with what you have written....this discussion came up just friday night with a friend and I was saying the very same things!
it's starts in the home and if before the child came what I have noticed is that everything changes! why should it, when you have your Worship in the home the child should be a part of this and should see through your example of worship what is excepted!
The same should go church the routine should be the same........Bible, Hymnal ,Lesson Quarterly and Offering!
Many of Mothers that I have seen come alone with there children don't even bring their Bible or anything else so how then would you expect the child/ children to follow by your example.
Even when I have suggested to my friend that she should bring some books or something to keep him entertained her comment was that she didn't want him to get use to doing activities in church!!!!! I was quite shocked as this child was just over one and working with children my self I would not expect a child so young to sit through a whole service of nearly two hours!!!! she was setting no example in church with even bringing her Bible or Hymnal so of course he will get restless in a service he can't understand!
There are plenty Christian resources available and parents/carers should take time to visit them and purchase a few as this is only for a short while as the child gets older they will start to understand what is being said!

And I think what sometimes makes it worse is the fact that if a child is crying or misbehaving in church we as Adults brought up in the church seem to forget that we once children. I remember having a book or drawings that we use to get from Sabbath school which would keep us quiet and entertained!
I also recommend that churches need to look into Children Worship Service this is also helpful as the children learn in their Own service what is expected in the main church......
I don't know about the situation at home and if there is Family Worship or not but what specifically did you do when your son was really young and just starting to walk? I don't have children myself so I don't know but isn't that difficult for them to sit and do just one thing? Do they even do puzzles at his age? (I ask in all sincerity because I honestly do not know).
yes Denise

Any good Christian book shop should supply good resources for children under 5 years , I know here in the UK there is different shops and they will even research online if they don't have whatever your looking for in stock!
It is very good to have a room for mothers with small children. But too often that is not possible. Worshippers are disturbed
by unruly children and it is hard to feel comfortable being disturbed when you are deeply interested in the service. What can be done to help this problem.It has been observed that Families who conduct Family Worship are able to control their children better than those who do not. Therefore, the long term solution, is that our children be taught how to behave in church at home during Family worship.
hi Holly

In response to your comment....if they don't bring there Bible doesn't mean that they are less dedicated! I wasn't saying they're not but if we expect our children to learn by example wouldn't that be a good example for a child to follow seeing the Parent/Carer with their bible and even the child having their own Child's Bible.

This to me is still part of home training.......
Good Thread !!

I agree with the above comments that the training has to begin at home. I feel that most children can learn to be reverent and respective of the sanctuary. My parent taught me well and I was.

However, I recognize that not all children are the same. And some have unique challenges. But, we are all a family. We need to pitch in and help ALL families. I've noticed that my pastor helps families with children each week. This is leadership. It says to me that we ALL need to do our part as a church family. This is an especially good ministry for older people or singles who don't have children. They should go to the children's family and offer to help in any way possible.

I see my pastor holding tiny babies and rocking them to keep them quiet while teaching the youth or even while speaking from the pulpit. Most all of our church family is good about this. Of course ... with a pastor leading out like this what would you expect. But, anyone can start the ball rolling. Hopefully it will catch on. Let's give the parents the support and the break they need.
Wow! That's so inspirational. There are some in my church who do help in a way that is comfortable (I can't think of a better word) for everyone but there are other people who help and when they step in it is uncomfortable. They are mostly older people and from what I've observed they yell at the children, which embarrasses the mother and make comments on how their children were well behaved when they were young.


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