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This is an epidemic not only in other countries but also in the USA! There has been a blind eye turned on sex trafficking; it’s happening right down the street, maybe your street. The USA has become one of the biggest exports of trafficked women and children. Often when a sex trafficked girl is arrested she is treated like a criminal and not a victim. There are some cities that have changed this policy realizing these girls are being forced into slavery and have set up programs to save them from their “captors” who have a tight grip of fear enforced on them. The trafficked are threaten with death or death to their family if they leave. Other’s who are trafficked from other countries also have their family’s threatened, or are told they have to work of their debt “cost” of bringing theme to the US. Not only are there brothels disguised as massage parlors but also most of these women and children are sold on Craigslist. It is estimated that 2.4 million victims are trafficked worldwide. Your child could be at risk, these traffickers are getting more brazen and have kidnapped girls in the guise of being an on line friend, a boyfriend, or using other girls to lure the unsuspecting into a false friendship. They target girls with low self-esteem, who come from broken or abusive homes. They have also taken girls on the guise of a legitimate job offer and then kidnapped them after a fake job interview. Why isn’t more being done about this? Ask yourself what can you do? One, we need to bring it to the forefront. Look into what is going on in your own town, you may be shocked on what you find. We need more legislation on this, these victims need a voice, they need our voice.  GEMS is a non profit organization that helps trafficked victims start their lives over again, we need more places like these! Here is a story of one of those girls...

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Oh it is getting worse, this is a cause close to my heart. Just trying to get the word out there so more are aware, so we can help however we can. Making people aware is the first step. Thanks for checking it out:)

As an aunt,  the movie "human trafficking" was an eye-opener. Its very upsetting to see those girls  being kidnapped(some are lured by men(as lovers) and are forced to do sexual acts. This mini-series was beautifully made, and I appreciate the scripts, on the last part when the leading character,a female agent was having her speech in behalf of the victims. I think it's all been said in her speech.

Yes that is a great movie, one of my favorites on the subject and well done in my opinion in addressing the issue. Christians help the poor, the hungry and the homeless.We need to help these women and children too.

In a country based on civil and religious liberty! This reminds me of something. "We have ample evidence [writes a historian] that one great branch of commerce fell almost entirely into the hands of the Jews -- the internal slave-trade of Europe." (Milman, History of the Jews vol.2 p.214) The Jews were adept slave-traders! A people that were once told, "thou shalt remember that thou wast a bondman in the land of Egypt, and the LORD thy God redeemed thee".   (Deut 15:15). Whether Jews or Westerners, how quickly we forget where we came from.


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