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this is neat.  

I thought so.  Year round vegetables, even in the winter.

As an agriculture teacher I practice hydroponics for some years...the chemical nature of it is bad, checking the pH weekly etc....

Than I tried organic aquaculture, which is similar to use the water and it is filled with manure, the water is passed over crushed limestone rather than perlite, the water is always a pH 7.5 as the acid eats the limestone naturally. The manure supply I used was from geese entering the water daily for a swim and they poop in it....The system works like a treat and after several years the limestone medium stats looking like humus soil....


I am considering attempting a similar system, but with tilapia, so there is another food source side by side.  I would like it if you could educate us further in this post.  Your wealth of knowledge would be beneficial to those of us who want to start off with aquaculture.  I suspect you could even generate blue prints, and help us with insulation techniques for the cold weather. I think it would beneficial to those of us who bad soil (like me) and others in colder climates who need to insulate for sharp temperature drops.  I was considering putting a set up in the sunnier part of the property and trying to solar panels to keep the thing eco-friendly.


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