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This is so neat, Thanks for posting !, I would love to try this .

Me too.  I kind of stumbled across it and am trying to understand it.  Once, I get it, I would like to see if I can get a year round system going.

Daniel since you live in a cold place, you would have to build a glasshouse....I would leave a car trailer near a repair window car garage and collect the broken windows until you have a few hounded of them, they usually give them to you for free.  Front windscreen windows are laminated and trap heat better and hold it better....

Than build the glasshouse piling lost of steel and cement and mud on the south side, glass facing the sun, you need a heat sink wall to hold heat during the day and releasing it at night, hence a south wall at least 12 inches thick.

The medium for the plants has to be crushed gravel it regulates the pH automatically for you. I am having trouble sourcing this rock these days....

The pumping of the water is less critical, I used to do it 6 times a day 5 times in the day and once at night.

The organic manure needs to be living, ie some animal has to be in the water pooing in it. If you get say cow manure and place it in a hessian bag and drop it in the water, it doesn't work as well as living animals pooing in the water, the wrong bugs grow in it, and the results cause fungal disease in your system.

That's about it really, and simple too. After a few years your medium looks and feels like soil, that's OK. After a few years I might pull out the medium, wash it and put it back again, the roots stop the water putting minerals into the medium after a while.

I would try hardy plants first, so you learn plant nutrient deficiencies such as spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and cabbage. These grow easily and well. If you see a deficiency it means your system has plants growing too fast, or they are running out of food, a soil system is much slower and farmer do not notice we are eating sick plant nutrition .

Growing your own veggies is a fun thing to do, I would encourage you all to have a go...Shalom


I was researching legal fish to use.  It appears white bass is okay.  Which is good, considering they handle the cold and warm here well.  I am not a complicated person, nor an engineer. So, I thought, a couple of these set up as independent units would work out okay.  It would be enough to provide fresh vegetables all year long, which would be nice.  Not to mention a clean fish source.  They are touchy about Tilapia here, and I don't want anything unclean in my system (catfish).


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