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My fellow believers, its been more than 10 months that i was away and many of you might question why did i leave AO?. Its due to my personal issues and i settled it now. I am ready to experience the love of Christ with all of you here. God bless you. 

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Welcome back site Dior. As you can see the Allah issue is s still where you left it. How is your mother who still refer to God as Allah? 

Thank you so much Jason M. Topic about Allah is the same God to me according to my language will never finish. Thank you so much for asking about my mom, she is doing well and still worshiping Allah as the same God to me and to others who has the same believe in my country and that one are a Seventh Day Adventist members.

Welcome back .

Thank you so much Livia. May God bless you.

Well, welcome back, sister.

Thank you brother. I noticed that you changed your name here. God bless you.

True, it fit the personality better.  From the Uncertainty Principal, to people calling me that nickname from the television series "Breaking Bad" due to my appearance as I age.

Hi Dior welcome back friend

Thank you so much cindy. I miss you sissy.

Yup also been gone for a whilst and back now, you still nursing in the Middle East Dior?

glad you're back

we can continue where we left off

god bless tita

Thanks a lot Ate. Yes, lets continue our ministry.


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