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pro and cons are they bad or helpful and what would u use to back up your stance ? without full page long drawn out speechs haha!
for instance in adventist youth programs their be many plays during the year and also I have seen them well done for vesper voice and 13th sabbath programs .
MANY I hear Disaprove of any kind of drama being done in the church soo that why I ask ? Clear enough or still murky like muddy water ? haha!

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I have a message for those in charge of our work. Do not encourage the men who are to engage in this work to think that they must proclaim the solemn, sacred message in a theatrical style. Not one jot or tittle of anything theatrical is to be brought into our work. God's cause is to have a sacred, heavenly mold. Let everything connected with the giving of the message for this time bear the divine impress. Let nothing of a theatrical nature be permitted, for this would spoil the sacredness of the work. {19MR 125.1}
THANKS SIISTER ,I no arguing here I just trying to see a few details is all.. , I do not remember this Sequeira and maybe I should refresh my memory some . their be many plain truths in the bible that b erejected and argued as to why this is necasary ..
I would not be a 7th day adventist today if it were not for the messenger of the Lord.It is only her teachings and that which i definately recall that gave me insight as to why many of the great leaders of the past did what the y did.
If I have been negative in what I have written to you than I have failed in my attempts to get others to see that error only breeds more error . in my life time as a 7th Day Adventists 28 years I have failed soo many times . IN my approach Inot trying to over look sin rather to point out that as people of the Book we can not be so legalistic or shallow ... I not saying I ready for translation n that I be perfected !.
I sharing light an love truths and error as I have seen it And witnessed countless times myself. I have not attempted t o be graphic in details of sin I had fallen into just that self rightousness and disbelief legalistics n disregarding the plain truths in the Bible as well as Sister Whites writings will lead to a melt down in your life as well as those that are influenced by you. .
IF what I write has offended you Iam sorry it is not my intention hurt you o ranyone that may read what I write but read fully and carefully first before passing out too much judgement on me ok? , I believe in the God of second chances for he has allowed me more than others have gotten and yet here iI still live and here I still breathe thankful for His love and mercy . mj .
Praise God for your testimony MJ. I don't know how anyone can fault you. I think there is far too much judgment and condemnation on this forum. We are all on this journey together. We need to lift each other up not tear one another apart. This forum and our church needs to be far more inclusive and tolerant of each other.

But have no doubt. You are loved and respected by most here. You have no need to apologize.

May the attacks cease.
"Let them remember that, while they are watching and criticizing others, they are neglecting to put on the robe of Christ's righteousness." Ellen White in PH151 p.47-48
Dear sister Shelton,

I so agree with your statement in this post and MJ, I don't think she was necesarily talking about your post but about all the bickering happening in general.

As a thirty-something lifelong member of the church, I have seen much in my lifetime and enough to know that if it is not Scripturally sound or SOP sound, we have to be in acute awareness. I have also learned that we should try to learn from the older generation, as well as respect them. "Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD." Lev. 19:32 This scriptural advice is not heeded in our generation and disrespect is sadly running rampant on this site. I do believe that there is room for discussion and disagreement, but on respectful terms.

I do hope that you will stay and be a necessary influence on this site. Please ignore the anti-Scripture, anti-SOP posts and try to disregard the disrespect that a few persons are inflicting upon others for no real reason. We need your wisdom and as far as I'm concerned, I try to ignore those who are hateful and am desiring to learn from the faithful and truly filled with the Spirit who exhibit kindness to others even in disagreement.
Mary, you said your forthrightness doesn't mix with this forum. You would not be the only "forthright" person here. Don't take anything said personally, all have the freedom of choice to believe that which they believe. We need "forthright" members, maybe if only to teach us that which we may have forgetten. Give and take is one of the wonderful aspects of this forum.

I have checked out other "Adventist" forums, and this is MILD.

Thanks for your posts, and please stay with us.
Very Much Agreed.

My opinion on plays in church runs along the lines of what the Doc had to say, but I would have to add that I personally do have a problem when someone plays "Jesus" ... it just bothers me. For example, there is a play that was done in our church where the young person keeps choosing the "world" over Jesus and Jesus keeps trying to influence the young person and finally, the young person gets tired of Jesus and grabs His hands and figuratively nails Him to the cross while saying "I told you I was not interested". I understand the point this play is trying to make- but it is made at the expense of disrespect of our Saviour ... when we read in the Scripture that the cherubims cover their faces in the presence of Jesus - what gives us the right as sinful humans to disrespect Him just to make a point?

I have to also say I have a big problem with clapping AFTER any event such as a play or a special music. As a piano player who plays specials from time to time, I can attest to the fact that I feel I'm being praised if someone claps after I play and the glory is not God's. I have no problem clapping DURING an event such as during song service.
The issue of clapping may be a good topic for another thread. I think it has been discussed. So ... I will only briefly discuss it. I feel it is a generational thing. I personally am uncomfortable with it. But I have done it and do not want to impose my discomfort on others. If most want to do it ... I am not going to get in their way. I see no reason to make it a religious or spiritual matter. To each his own. I am willing to put my discomfort on the back burner. Some may not. I guess if you can't tolerate it you might have to join a different church. Seems drastic to me ... but hey ... we are all different.
I had very loving pastor his name was Harold Friesen ,., IT was my first year a s a Adventist he had taught us it was more appropiate to say Amen rather than clapping after a performance.. .. He had said it was more reverant,,
I mean to say slylvia u are correct it seems today things have been forgotten about proper reverance in the sanctuary .I know as time has gone bye and new generartions hav e come up and it seems , in my humble opinion things that were once taught as being a proper from of reverance no longer matters and to be fully honest I kinda went along with popular opinion too .. Poor sinful mortals we seem to forget so easily ..
I do not hold any office in the church and I wondering to myself how can we turn this back around or is it possible? So few listen to dress or simple modesty hmmm What is it coming too that simple reasoning has about disappeared?
So because your loving pastor told you it was more reverant to say Amen than to clap ... you believed him? I find no Biblical support for this claim. I am just more comfortable with it because I was raised that way. Don't mean it is more reverant or not.
I personally get a tiny bit annoyed when everyone says "amen" after a musical performance... especially if it's done by kids.

Not to mention that "amen" means "let it be done", which I think is a very rude thing to say when people are singing. ;-)


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