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pro and cons are they bad or helpful and what would u use to back up your stance ? without full page long drawn out speechs haha!
for instance in adventist youth programs their be many plays during the year and also I have seen them well done for vesper voice and 13th sabbath programs .
MANY I hear Disaprove of any kind of drama being done in the church soo that why I ask ? Clear enough or still murky like muddy water ? haha!

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Travis, custom vs. law again.
The what? :\

What exactly do you mean?
I mean the societies we live in dictate custom, it's not law.
Praise God. This is an inspiring report. I would love to attend your church. It sounds SO uplifting.
hey, it really matters alot aon what the church memebres act ,and what basis and context above all. Though some tend to get it wrong, it should have better if the acting was based on the Bible context with great knowlege and lessons, too
In our sda church, we have members who are naturally very quiet and contemplative.
We also have clappers.
We have those who hold their hands up into the air.
We have those who say hearty "Amens" and " Praise Jesus" and "Preach it"
Our Pastor likes to hear our voices when we find our scripture verses to read along with him.
A couple of our women have given sermons when asked.
And, within the last year, a pastor of another church has joined our church, welcomed with open arms.
now some of his former church family have been visiting our church with positive results.
None of this revival happened until we quit judging, and started loving.
Michael, i really miss the southern Florida sda churches when it is time to sing. The sda churches i went to there were so wonderful, like a breath of fresh air. We went to nursing homes there to sing (i was in a church academy choir), and some of the girls were so blessed with beautiful voices, when they put their heart into their music, people listening would cry with joy. That is my adventist church. Where the Love of Christ is, there is His beautiful church. :)
Praise God, Kim!

My church is evolving in that direction, but we take into account the likes and dislikes of all of our church members, young and older alike. We have wonderful music, hymns and praise.

Our pastor is onfire for the Lord, and is stressing outreach, especially in our parish neighborhood. Love comes first, conversion may come later; but Jesus loved all, not just the ones who vocally witnessed their love for Him. I wonder if some of those who were healed ever thought of Him again ( re: the ten lepers, and only one thanked Him).

No church is perfect, and, as the saying goes, "If you find the perfect church, don't join it, because then it would be imperfect!"
I just love to hear these good reports from both Kim and Sylvia. What a breath of fresh air compared to all the negative about our church that has been so pervasive around here lately.
Good post, Ralph.
welll I been listening intenatavely here . ,Sometimes it is comfusing for the times we live in is so different. I for one find it hard to just read something and absorb it, nooo to me these instructions be written in a alien language, when I hear things and see them that is when I learn easier . . give me instructions that be written an it may seem clear to u or anyone else still to me An how my brain works it does not fully register. . when I see pictures with a story this also helps me to see things more clearly .
I heard puppet ministry haha .that is so kool .IS It being irreverant in actuality ? No! We have to remember the truth is not having to be taught in just words alone does it? Even today in many parts of the world their is no wriiten bible in th language of the people so what is being done?? In actuality their be oral stories being told and they going out to their country men Just as it was done before the written word .
Was not Jesus also a story teller getiing the message out to the common folk in illustrations in nature that can be seen ? Lets be careful in stating something is irreverant that is jus t a little different than what we have been accustomed too.. . AS long as thier not violent acts or outlandish acts to gain attention give it a chance ..
Three Thumbs Up.


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