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I have really been thinking about it, and I do miss keeping and attending church on the Sabbath. For the past three months I have been attending a non-denominational church that meets on Sundays. I really like it there, they have nice and interesting activites for youth here. And the Bible study is just great! I was attending another Sabbath Keeping denomination before going here, but stopped not sure why but kind of because it was a family based church and due to previous bad experiences I have had at a family based church it kind of made me feel uncomfortable. They weren't rude or anything to me they were actually quite friendly. Well I was getting ready to join this non-denominational church this coming Sunday, when a job I have been hired for called and told me my job training has been moved to Sunday instead of Saturday. Now this kind of had me stumped because I don't know if God is trying to tell me to hold off on joining this church, or that I shouldn't be working this job because of how many times they reschedule things so much. But I will be using this Sabbath to attend one of the SDA churches I visited in the past. I'm trying to decide if I want to visit the semi-"traditional" church that I visited last summer for a full month, or the one I only got the chance to visit once back up in November that I felt reminded me of my friend's church that is Baptist. They sung like one or two hymns the rest were sort of mainstream Gospel songs. I'm thinking about visiting the SDA church I only got the chance to visit once so I can make a more informed opinion about it.

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Hi Vincent, no I don't mind at all. Please do, I would really appreciate it.
Pray and ask God to guide you to His truth. He will is you believe He will.
Yep, all the above...

I know what you mean by missing Sabbath-keeping, Sunday-keeping just isn't the same. Partly, because with Sunday-keeping there is more of a two-hours-in-church-and-then-the day-is-mine atmosphere. I often go to the supermarket on Sunday and it is quite sad to see people just come from church and immediately dive back into the wolrd... I don't believe that you can really have a "sabbath day" like that.

Bless you, Mz.Rae, the Lord is calling you home, calling you to enter into His rest.

Have a blessed Sabbath wherever you end up worshipping... we're expecting a full report :-)
MZ RAE , WHILE GROWING UP I attended methodist churches and baptist and pentecostal churches too.. , Their was no peace in pentecostal churches just confusion and baptists as much knowledge as they have refuse to acknowledge the Lords Sabbath day in favor of their moms church regardless of how much the evedience shows it is not what the Lord has wanted for His children written down in His written word as a living testimony .
when all is said and done in a trial its up to you as a juror to weigh the facts and base your decision not on how you feel but on what is stated clearly . I left the church once not out of grievance in what the doctrine stated but because Ihad married and compromised my position that I did not listen when God said NO!
Honestly I had no peace at all in any other church for once u know the truth unless u are totally going to disregard the truth it leaves u empty inside for home!..DO not rely on sheer emotions for we are sinners by nature and our emotions are up and our emotions are down .
THE just as Martin Luther proclaimed loudly must live by Faith and faith alone .. When strong trials come your reasoning by our emotions will sway but when accepting the truth and Gods Love for us it has to be by faith , THE sabbath is our reminder of GODS care and love for us that he set aside this 1 day to be with us totally to enter into rest with HIM...
IT is true not all 7th day adventist churches are warm and friendly either but regardless the truth remains the same God blessed the SABBATH AND SANCTIFYED IT FOR HIS children and when they got lost in tradition and compromise He Guided them back and gave them HIS truth once again and gave them a prophet to lead them back and to nourish them with further truths that were not seen..
DEEP IN YOUR Heart you know this to be true also and by fighting against this you will never find rest. COME BACK home little one . DO not be too proud to admit to your Father u need Him
Thanks everyone, for the advice and for prayers. I really appreciate it!!
Perhaps you have not yet understood that church membership results more so from the emotional comforts that one gets from one's associations than from one's understanding of the Gospel. If you are not VIGILANT, you may find yourself taking a decision to request membership in a church for the 'wrong reason'.
We are not left to guess how to evangelize. In the book, Christian Service P119, EGW writes, "Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people.The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, "Follow Me." "
I'm not sure what you are searching for, but whosoever meets your socio/emotional needs, are more than likely to have your ear and thus your heart. This usually determines what you believe, because trust has been established and is operative.
Much care therefore, much be shown in searching for a comfortable place to call 'home', since priorities can become easily mixed up. Vigilance in keeping the ultimate always ahead of the immediate, needs to be kept alive
Sister , I too will pray for you. I don't believe there are any coincedences I believe Yahweh is calling your attention to the point of 7'th day sabbath. I believe this because he did similiar things to me also. If he's got His hand on you there is no escaping and it sounds to me as if He does..... I agree with you about sabbath observance it just feels special. : )


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