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Yes, that link is accurate, Ben Carson is embracing a veritable monster.  I understand Carson is highly intelligent, but he must have the discernment of a retarded claim.

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The link was removed; why did it concern you?


Donald Trump is a world class bigot who hasn't found a group he doesn't hate,  has studied the methods of Adolf Hitler, and used them to get ahead.  I cannot understand how a rational person like Carson could get on that "train",  The link was removed for the person on Youtube,, it is hard to keep any anti-trump material around because he threatens anyone who proliferates it.  That is the hallmark of the Brown Shirt party.

Hello Heisenberg

You lost me at Ben Carson is a rational person.

Steadily sailing higher and higher above the bewildered audience gathered outside at the Gaylord National Resort, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson slowly floated away from earth Friday, onlookers confirmed. Carson, who began levitating above the stage without any warning midway through his speech, reportedly appeared unfazed by the circumstances as he continued to quietly and calmly describe his views on taxation while gradually ascending into the air. Witnesses confirmed that attempts by frantic campaign aides to grab and retrieve the drifting candidate were abandoned after a gust of wind quickly swept Carson further upwards, his body rising past the treeline as he gently clasped his hands together while quoting Thomas Jefferson. The candidate’s soft voice reportedly continued to fade toward silence as his diminishing form climbed ever higher into the sky, eventually reducing in size to merely a dot on the horizon before disappearing into the cloud cover as stunned attendees looked on. At press time, crew members of the International Space Station had reported spotting the candidate smiling as he glided by the facility’s observatory module.

That is an interesting oratory, Herb.  I think there is only one response to that:  Puff, puff, pass.

I admit I was shocked when Ben Carson decided to run for president. It would be very difficult for an adventist to hold that office without major conflicts of conscience in my opinion. So when he dropped out, I admit to a sigh of relief. Till I saw a lead in for a story after the commercial with Carson and Trump's photos. If any one of the candidates was chosen as the least Christ like, I would have picked Trump hands down. Wondering if Carson chose him because Trump is the current leader. Or if Carson is suffering some undiagnosed brain injury. Sure does make you glad Carson won't be President because he definitely lacks good judgement! Lol, but then so far, I am a Democrat so most of them don't seem reasonable!

Well, according to Carson, he knows Trump more than we may know Trump... In other words, there are two versions of Trump.. Or so they say....

So, you think he likes schizophrenics?

Maybe... Not sure...

I don't see a good alternative.  Trump is evil.  Hillary is evil.  Cruz is a liar.  I guess I will have to abstain this election cycle because there doesn't seem to be an candidate emerging to the top who isn't evil.  I refuse to participate in putting the wicked into power.  Eight years of Obama has been more evil than I can handle.  Now, it seems like we will be up to 12 years of evil no matter what.

only in America

Yes, America keeps heaping problems upon itself.  The last 8 years have illustrated that.


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