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"they" really shouldn't have any problem with WO since the (ordained) pastor, male or female, is under the "authority" of their particular congregation and/or church board. Not the other way around. Yes? No?

Not to mention the church manual and the list goes on. Right?

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Then you are saying that there should not be human church leadership because Christ is the head? Is that what you are saying ? If so then by your own words women should not be ordained into leadership roles.

Christ is the head of the home as well. Are you therefore saying that the husband is not the head of the home ?

 What is leadership  then ? Headship is leadership. The church manual says that to be a conference president is to be the head of the conference. If that is not headship I don't know what is.

 The SDA church manual did not use the Greek word but the English word. Incidentally,  people twist the Greek just like they do the English. You struggle enough with English so why not stay there ?  lol

Your claim that there should be no human authority in the church is a kin to each one doing what was right in his/her own eyes. That would be like saying that the students can totally disregard what  the teacher says  because Christ is the only source of authority and He is the true teacher. What you are claiming makes no sense and leads to total lawlessness. You are sowing anarchy.

 And godly Spirit filled men are called to make decisions in the church regarding leadership. Are you against such ?

 The one's who will not work against what the delegates of the SDA world church have voted twice. The delegates were representation of the church all over the world.


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