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Which is why I don't buy meat from the store anymore.  But, I do fish and hunt.  I am about to raise my own chickens, and long term some meat goats.

in terms of stewardship efficiency brother Daniel, its easier to grow plant food, than to grow animals for food. However I get your point eating fish is nice, and hunting game if your so lucky to clean game....

But animals have a multiplier effect on the plants they eat....

Assume all the land is covered with 1 ppm Barium and 1ppm Aluminium

The toxic ions get eaten by fresh water plankton, and plasmodium's which in turn are eaten by daphnia and in turn eaten by fish....lets assume each gram of food gained requires 5 grams before it, that an efficiency of 5:1....for fish there is possibly 25ppm of toxins per gram fish meat in the food when eaten.

Now take growing tapioca or some potato tuber, the tuber grows a gram of tuber flesh in just  half a square metre of soil, so all other things equal, the uptake of toxins is only 0.5ppm, so you can see its over 50 times less toxic....but this does not consider the plant amino acids are better from you than animal amino acids, and plant compounds able to remove toxins which animal flesh does do this.

Plant food wins always hands down, when it comes to toxin accumulation....

That applies to a virgin wilderness where you hunt for so called clean game....

The toxins are being spread everywhere these days...

Hope this helps


Not really.  The squirrels poached all my peaches this year, because I wasn't around enough with my shotgun to end them.  The garden is having issues with insects wanting to do their dirty deeds with it.  I have planted a couple more fruit trees, but the long tailed rodents might decimate those in a couple of years when they bear fruit.  If it wasn't for the rodents with big fuzzy tails, I would agree with you.

So, I am going to do what I can,.

Oh I see Daniel trouble with wildlife LOL !!!!

Yeah that's a problem too in Australia...the secret to gardening especially in poor soil is to cover your beds with a house fully screened to remove insects birds and mice, rats and goannas....than you plants produce nicely....

One garden I made had a concrete apron right around it, to keep out burying wildlife too....but again plants are easier to grow than animals...less food makes them produce....for tapioca tuber, no wild animal eat them, no rat or bird or insect attacks them, they actually make you blind with hydro prussic acid if you cook it some plants are tough enough to withstand the wild animal attack....

Anyway I respect your choice, and the easier way for you is to hunt....


I have had better luck with animals.  They require less maintenance.  They tend to keep on thriving until you end them.  Which is why I want to get goats.  Small, simple, and a good amount of meat on them.

If you are statements are true about airborne contaminants then there is no safe food source nor water source whatsoever.

"Some are continually anxious lest their food, however simple and healthful, may hurt  them. To these let me say, 'Do no think than your food will injure you; do not think about it at all. Eat according to your best judgement; and when you have asked the Lord to bless the food for the strengthening of your body, believe that He hears your prayer, and be at rest.'" (Ministry of Healing, p.321 (1905)).

Especially when the food has been blessed by the Saviour Himself, and given straight from His own hand! If I was in the multitude being fed by Jesus, even if I had celiac disease or was allergic to fish, I would eat the food with confidence! After all, they had just witnessed a miracle - did they seriously think that food that was blessed and miraculously multiplied, and then given to them by the Saviour's hand, would harm them in any way?

Don't you think that Jesus would have known who, in that great crowd, had special dietary needs and food allergies? Would He have given them the food anyway if there was a chance it would be harmful to them? Would not the touch of His hand, and the blessing He pronounced over it, do away with any possibility of harm or danger to those who eat it?



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