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If Jesus would drive today what would He drive or would He walk everywhere, or would He bicycle?

Let's see your answers??

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One of the things that has come up in my life is having the money to buy 2 nice bicycles for my family.  I want to do this so that it cuts cost on my in-laws from driving us around so much.  Also the bicycles are expensive and they have nice bikes and nicer bikes.  I want to get the nicer bikes for my family, but was wondering if you thought that was ok.  I've been praying about this for awhile now and still no definitive answer as to which bikes to get the 500 dollar bikes, the 1000 dollar bikes, or the 1500 dollar bikes.  I think I've settled on a road bike because I could go further easier and it would not tax my blood sugars as much.  What's your thoughts on this one.

That is why I asked this question...

No Elijah I don't have extra in temporal things except clothes which I need for the seasons in Canada, and bibles which I need for spiritual growth, and knowledge which I need for my business.  I'm not in luxury of my own.  The luxury I have is my Father's which I didn't ask for.

My salary is normally 0.  Except for special cases which I'm getting a lot more money Lord willing in December so I can finish the work of Everlasting Gospel in Christ.

Because it costs a lot of money to travel by air nowadays, and others are very greedy & covetous for a lot of things especially money.

I don't have much of anything except truth, but Jesus is able to save a poor man like me and everyone who humbly submits and commits to Jesus.

Have you ever thought about buying a second hand one in an op shop, that is what Jesus would do is it not?

What is an op shop?

Do you not have that in Canada? Here we have many organisations running op shops, where people donate stuff they do not need anymore and the op shop sells it and the funds are used as for example for the ADRA fund for SDA. 

No I don't have that in Canada where I am.

In the bigger town there is 1.  Run by Salvation Army but they have a small selection no bikes when I was there.

Good to see you are looking at least.


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