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If the just shall live by faith Why is it so many try to add more rules and restrictions that need__

be done in order to be saved ? , IT be clear we need a healthy diet an refrain from earthly lusts  but is their too much emphasis being placed on works ?

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All on this planet have works. I would not want to judge anyone by works. That is a very deceptive way. For we are bound to be deceived.
i not talking about good works in which we are created to do in christ Jesus In this post in particular I refering t all thepost s that tell us we can not d o this or if we show afection in this way on the sabbath it is sin ..
in the new testament times their was much dialog going on about circumcision and eating meats offered to idols..
Paul was shown and peter too that circumcision was not required to be saved and eating meat that was offered to idols and sold in the market place was not sin either but to eat in front of those that think it was is wrong because u make then fall..
WE have those that opinonize about everything with taking scriptual references way out of its original context and is telling everyone to see if we do not follow it like this were dammed too.
Yes. I agree with the OP that there is too much emphasis of works. Works are a personal matter. And each and every Christian has works. Sure he needs to look at his personal works to see if Christ is being fully glorified. And we can always see there is a better work that we can do. But, we are not to look at other's works. For we will only be deceived.

If instead of looking at works .... we looked at the one who has perfect works ... we would be far more blessed.
James 2:17 - Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

This verse has many times been used as a club over the heads of the members of our church. And out of context - whole Bible context!
It is true Scripture! But, as N Him said, we should not be looking at others works, only our own.
And we do not conjur up works on our own; they come naturally from a life of faith. We look to Him who covers us with His robe of righteousness, or no "works" of ours would even be accepted.
Ellen White in Steps to Christ says that we should not strive to shine. This is important to know. It is not our work to do. It is Christ and His work IN us.
What matters people is that we are N Him.
perhaps N HIM IF MORE WERE IN HIM then they would not be so prone to put all these restrictions on worshiping the lord / u can play the harp the violin the saxaphone the organ the keyboard too but if u have drums oh no The that is sin?. . AS a matter of fact it is so sinful I have to leave the church I am in and go elsewhere too/.
U know their are some that be so holy a divorced person is not welcome either and if a single mother was in the congregation I sure too she would be chastized as well. // If i left anything else out it is because I dont want to hit on all the rediculous posts i see in here . ..
I am sure some in here would ask if they could weather or not I ate eggs in the morning or weather or not I had a shower on Sabbath or turned on the stove too!! If I did o my stars I be going to hell fire for sure.
There is a description of the Advent people traveling an ascending path. As that path began to grow more narrow, the people realized that all their 'baggage' had to be abandoned. Even their vehicles [their horses] had to be left behind. As they went on they became more and more mindful of their "balance", and so I believe it is for us. The dream in volume 2 of the Testimonies carries a great deal of weight for me. Symmetry of character and religious profession is becoming more and more needful. (2T 595-)
Yes Steward i read this too but it was not in the testimonies where I read it but elsewhere it was illustrated too.. . what I be refering to is not symmetry of character. It is about rules that have to be follOwed like circumcision to the Galations..
If u love God its not a chore to follow where HE leads but then u have your pharasees in adventisim that want you to follow man made directives as if by following these make u more holy .
Reminding us to conform to standards does not actually give emphasis on works but on our limitations to obey God's will and our desperate need for the Holy Spirit to make it happen. Usually we obey God in our end, not in His. We serve God in our comfort zone not on His expressed will. Laws and regulations for the benefit of men to salvation comes from God. Then, who are we to question that?...They serve as light to our path of our spiritual journey..
We certainly are in need of a Saviour to cover our sins. And He is able and willing if we will accept his Robe to cover us.
Our primary concern should be a relationship with Jesus. Learn of Him Eat Him Drink Him day and night. Now if some want to call that works ... so be it. But if we are looking at the kind of eating and drinking that we do for our physical bodies ... then yes that would be works that are in the wrong focus. Learn of Him. That is to be our total focus. But instead .... some focus on the material things of this life. And even our own heath can be material and be made a God of.


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