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If the just shall live by faith Why is it so many try to add more rules and restrictions that need__

be done in order to be saved ? , IT be clear we need a healthy diet an refrain from earthly lusts  but is their too much emphasis being placed on works ?

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ok I been a adventist long enough to have read Morris Vendings writings too... The thing that bothered me most about Vendon was when he lectured it was and ah ,and ah ,as if he was lost somewhere. . I do NOT think personally speaking he had a full grasp on what faith is and is not.. .
FAITH does not necasarily have to know exacly why things are happening or why it is that this is necasary but because the one that is telling u has knowledge of the why an theirfores so u agree to follow the instructions . . FAITH IS Love or trust in action as I SEE IT.. .
As finate beings we often do not fully understand why things happen to us in such and such a way either and we have questions that be unanswered too ..Ican not explain GRACE BUT I experiance it.I know not why I necasarily act irresponsible at times either nor why despite my faults I am accepted by God as if I was perfect ..

YOU nor I can have faith without our actions showing it .. It is impossible to have love for someone without actions backing it up. Our love for God should not be based on works but Love theirfore I say again adding restrictions like eating at such and such a time or not eating at all is soo much works.. when we love someone we do things to please them based on love an not in order to get their love..
I be soo imperfect and I know my faults to a 9th degree!
Well MsMS ... I do have to agree with you about Jack Sequeira and Morris Vendon. They along with HMS Richards and Jon Paulien and Alden Thompson are our best scholars and preachers this church has seen. They are men of God and what a powerful message of the Gospel that they bring.
I see it like this, do parents feed their children or do good to their children because they want to be good parents or because they are good parents already. Do spouses treat each other well to earn love or because they have love already. When we have a relationship with the Lord we will not need others to give us rules on how to respond to Him. We need to stop putting the cart before the horse. When love is the foundation of this walk the faith and works comes as naturally as a mother feeding her child and showin it love, then you realise you need all three to show Christianity in ones life.
Excellent Denny. Thank you.
Yes. You bring up a good point Gabe. The rule making is like the Jews of old.
Yes Atul ... but that doesn't mean we should add burdens upon ourselves and upon the message of Christ like the Jew did. The Devil is trying hard to burden us down. No need to assist him.
works are manifestations of what we believe (faith). once we have accepted grace through faith, good works will just follow naturally. our hearts are also tested by what we say or do.
Yes. And they will continue if we keep our eyes on Jesus instead of the good works. :):)
works are be loving ,kind being a witness to others listening to what the LORD has for you personally !it comes from a heart that is grateful..
I have not seen where in scriptures it states we have to refrain from showing affection on the Sabbath. . The Sabbath is to be called a delight not a bunch of do,s n do nots.
THIS only is my point! you are to love GOD fully and do that which is pleasing out of love and respect of who he is and for what he has done for you in the past and for what he is doing for you now also.!
IF you truly LOVE GOD and wish to serve Him their certain things you will have to learn just like in a marriage relationship., In how I SEE it( and feel free to correct me here too) their are times when we fail to show love properly and that is where grace comes in at. JESUS as our High P riest intercedes on our behalf how it all works is incomprehenisable to my mind .,
The Holy Spirit is who convicts us of sin and who helps us to walk as we should. . Sometimes we resist wilfully His pleading an if we condinue we become hardened as I see it. Everyone is called to a high standard but not all can be at the same spiritual growth as others at 1 time for it does take time to grow and the LORD IN HIS AWESOME mercy does not require of everyone the exact same thinking he requires of others! .
THE LAW is spiritual it covers more than do this and do not do that .. It covers the very motive too for doing things . you can do the right thing but for the wrong motive! CAN YOU DIE A MARTYERS DEATH for the wrong reason and be lost for all eternity because of it ?
because some do not grasp or understand fully how they are saved by Christ.
Amen Sister ....


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