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If you could go back in time for one day during the life of Jesus....

If you could go back in time for one day during the life of Jesus, what part of his life would you like to have seen? And why?

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While I have not read all of the posts, I  hope I am not duplicating any of them.  I have thought about this question and I have concluded that I would like to have been in the front row of that crowd on the mountainside when Jesus presented the sermon on the mount.  I would have loved that and even to partake of the pot luck that He served afterwards. 

WHY?  Becasue Jesus spoke like no other man.  He had the words of truth.  That would have been heavenly.


Oh, there are several other days too.  One being when Mary Magdalene was thrown down before Him in the temple and He did not impute to her any wrong.  I would have loved to have seen the faces of the spiritual leaders as the slunk away with their tails between their legs. 

WHY?  Because of the love that Jesus had in His face for Mary would have lightened up a million nights.  Oh, to have that kind of love today.


Or the day that He raised the widows only son. 

WHY?  Because the happiness that came to that funeral train would have been priceless to see and experience. 


Another day I would have liked to have seen was when Jesus met the disciples after the crucifixion, by the lake in the early morning.  The encounter between Jesus and Peter, that the Bible says nothing about, and Peter's restitution to being a friend of Jesus.  That would have been choice to have seen. 

WHY? Because that was when Peter was really converted.  Having characteristics too much like Peter myself, I have to remind myself of that experience in order to remain converted myself.


These are just a few of the indicents that would have been very interesting and valuable to have been invovled in. 


Maranatha :)

GREAT Ray!!!!! I would love to see all those too!!!! I love your!!! I can't wait til we are heaven and get to see the whole life of Jesus:)

my buddy has no interest in this stuff

esp after seeing some posts here

some are offended if your  theology isnt perfect

my buddy was offended by people mistreatment here of people who's theology isnt perfect

but anyhoo

i felt i could share this thread with him without him seeing such ugliness if he to look over my shoulder

He told me he would have liked to be there before JESUS BAPTISM and MINISTRY


one day with JESUS- your awesome friendly GOD Carpenter next door!

only my BUBBY can come up with that!


there is more to that thought of course!

let your imagination run wild



a shortwhile before he left home is what he was thinking


I want to be on the boat when the storm hit and we all are panicing and all Jesus needed to say is "Peace, be still"  That peace is what I look for when my life falls apart or catastrophe hits....Jesus whispering in my ear..."Peace, be still"



yes love that day too, Dorothy:)


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