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I heard this at the GYC Southwest conference that took place this week end here in Southern California. A doctor from Bangladesh came and gave a testimony. He is working as a missionary Doctor in Bangladesh. There is a village where only one woman had converted. She had a 3 year old son. One day her son was playing near a pond with the rest of the children. He got to close and fell in. The children got scared and did not tell the boy's mother. At lunch time when he did not come to eat, she worried and went looking for him because the boys would not respond if they had seen him. She found him at the bottom of the pond. Upon hearing her scream, the villagers came out and helped. They took the boy out of the water. He had been there over 6 hrs. HE was swollen, clearly dead, he had drowned. The villagers blamed the mother for following this strange religion.

The mother not knowing what to do sent for the pastor. The pastor came as soon as he heard, he approaches the mother who is surrounded by an entire village who fell silent to see what this pastor would do. The pastor began praying (he began to tell of the wonders of Jesus, of his love for us, of his sacrifice on the cross so that we may have salvation). During the prayer, this boy who has been dead over 6 hours, who has been at the bottom of the pond, who is already swollen from the effects of death moves, and GETS UP! Our wonderful God brought this boy back to life in front of HIS ENTIRE VILLAGE. The pastors presence was requested, he was summoned to talk more about this God, the villagers wanted to know who was this God who had the power to give life. Now where this village stands are not one, but TWO SDA churches near the area.

My brothers and sisters we serve a Living GOD, who loves us so much that he wants us with him. He not only gave this boy life again, he has given it to us as well, through the sacrifice he made at Calvary. YOU and I serve a living GOD, one who still makes miracles!!!!

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May this miracle strengthen our faith in Him that we worship a God who is near us at times of distress and ready to answer our sincere prayers.

Members please do post similar stories so that we may encourage and support each other in times of need.

God bless you.
God works His miracles everyday but we don not actually ssee that or acknowledge and even give thanks to every deed to us..Amen


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