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The Sex on Sabbath  topic is slipping in interest and could be in danger of slipping off the front page.


Is anyone willing to rescue it and prevent it from a possible demise?

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You are so funny NHim!!...I needed a good laugh tonight!!
Glad to brighten your day or night as may be the case.

very funny hehe

 Nikoa, I thought it was saturday nite fever


and a cold shower  :)

I checked and the count so far on that thread is 658 posts.

Why r you concerned God never said not to have sex on the sabbath i guess it's a matter of choice and how spiritual you want to get with GOD. Please let me ask can sex with your spouse spoil your fast or make your prayers not to be answered? hmmmmm.........

Mea Culpa


Mea Culpa

My thanks to Anthony for saving the thread with his bump

Honey......I'm home.........



To each their only have to answer to God, if and when you see Him.......


God bless Sis

O...I got a good one


When you get to Heaven....(I say that lightly).....and are in the presents of God........are you going to give Him a x  rated show or worship Him?

lol i  guess we have to continue posting comments there huh


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