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So far Adventist Online is the largest Social Network among Seventh-day Adventist Church members. This is a decent site. How can we increase the membership to 50,000 or more by 2015? Have you invited your friends to join yet? Why not? Let us discuss.

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First of all, we sincerely hope to be talking with you while sitting at the feet of Jesus in Heaven by 2012. :-)

Our goal is to support fellowship among Adventists. It is to keep Adventists connected to and involved with their church community. Our goal is to keep Adventists in the church and to grow their relationship with Jesus. Growth of this site will happen naturally if we provide the environment and tools for church members to connect with Jesus and each other. The growth of this site tells us we are meeting a need for many people. If we could meet that same need for others, we would be blessed and thrilled. A larger group does benefit each individual member more. (I can't wait until long lost friends show up here! I've reconnected with so many people because someone else invited them.)

We would like to see more local groups here. Wouldn't it be great to be able to learn more about the members of your local church and have a constantly up-to-date online church directory? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to make announcements and invite them to events with a simple click? ("Come on over for a potluck supper at our house Friday evening!") Wouldn't it be nice to see pictures of the church social all in one place even though they were uploaded by many different members? We think so!

We are working on some tutorials that show members how to take the lead and involve their local church. If you are willing to be a leader for your local group, contact us. We'll help any way we can.

If they feel it would help their group, we need local leaders to announce Adventist Online in their church bulletins, newsletters, and on their web sites. We will do all we can to support churches and groups at the local level... the worldwide level just happens naturally.

We will write some "blurbs" for people to put in their church bulletin or newsletter. We'll create ads people can put on their web sites. Right now we only have the 'badges' that are available on the front page. They work great! But we are making more so that they will fit on anyone's web site, myspace, facebook, etc. page. Go get a badge and put it on whatever web site you have and use.

What need do you see that a site like this can meet? How can we do that better?

God bless!
-Adventist Online

PS. If we never added one more member ever again, we have already been blessed more than we could hope or dream. We've seen old friends reunited, members return to the church, new friendships made, weddings of our members, and much more. We are so blessed!
I am impressed by what you just shared, a thought-provoking. I will love leading our members here in Ghana to be involved in A.O. I will volunteer to serve and to promote it more, so that they too will be able to benefit from the fellowship and the re-union we enjoy here on this site. Thank you.
How many know about the site but have refused to join? I dont think we have too many of those.... The problem is as a result of lack of knowledge.
So we have to spread the word to those who do not know. They too will like it.
Thank you.
Some of our brothers and sisters did not even have an access to internet... How?
That is a major setback expecially in developing countries, the digital divide between the rich and the poor is toor wide. But I hope things will get better when we give educations on how they can use it when available.
Yes Tuffour... I hope so...
Well, it's nice to know that this site is targeting that numbers of members for the coming years. The greater the numbers of members, the bigger the expansion is. I would be glad then meeting more friends across countries...", God bless this site...",


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