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With the advent of modern communication technology like the Internet, how evangelism is conducted is changing the conventional methods. How can we use Internet as a tool of evangelism to bring more people to Christ and at the same time to retain old members?. If you have an idea share with us, if you have previously use Internet in anyway to share your faith share that one too. Discuss now.

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That would be called spamming.
A great resource person for Evangelism is Russell Burrill from the North American Division Evangelism Insititute.
Does he have a website or any online resource you can share with us?.
You may have already seen www.BibleTimelines.ORG . The idea here was to create a site that would teach the principles of the Bible without pushing the SDA church. This timeline idea should allow users to follow any topic as far as they want, but right now it only takes them to what the Bible and SOP tell us.

I have tried to keep the topics on this site very concise so as to allow the reader to cover a large amount of information in a short time thereby allowing them to see the over all picture easier.

I have had lots of visitors to the site indicating to me that this type of site is very much needed, but there is much more that can and maybe should be done, including a redesign. I just don't have the time or the know-how to get it done right now.

Any suggestions? Ideas for content? Missed topics?


I am in the middle of thinking through exactly that question...more along the lines of retention and training...I think that it is best to think about Internet evanglism as an aid to help other methods where face to face contact is involved. Think about how we can use the power of teh internet to aid evangelists in their work and perhaps transform it in some way as well rather than to replace it or to be indepdent of it in some way.
I am In total agreement.... That is why I am into Internet Radio...I spend my time spreading the Gospel via my internet radio... feel free to check out and be bless.... your support will be greatly appreciated God bless.
Good DJ, yours is a clear example. I love what you are doing.
Thank you, sherman.


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