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As a SDA Christian, what are your views regarding interracial dating and marriages? Would you date interracially?


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Gabriel: Great thoughts! Thanks. Love hearing how you feel about dating a RACE that is different than your own (what ever your race is). I agree with you, however, that there ought to be no compromise when it comes to interFAITH. dating. Nice name, by the way...

I would love do that ,but the black and yellows that I have met are racist!
But disguising,the members of church not accept this fact!
I would like knows why in black&white marriage ,90% of cases, the white one is female!!! Why blacks girls refuse the white one?
Why blacks girls refuse the white one?
This is my first time hearing this, I know of plenty black women who would date a white man or any other race man (myself included). And I feel why the percentage is lower for black women and white men relationships, is because black women are starting to branch out more and date other races. I am not sure about how black women of the SDA faith are about interracial dating because I am not one. But it might also be the case with them as well.
I have lived in 6 country and majority in black boy and white girl! Not white boy and black girl! Can you try some comparison or statistics ? Portugal ,for example is 99% of mixed couple, the black one is the man! But I forgot something: normally ,about racism, the men is more racist than women too! I mean, white girls have accepted more, than the white boys! Maybe this is a European fact, or South American!
I dream that day, when this kind things in gone!

Hi bennett... you are intriguing me. When you and I were attending the same church there were AFAIK only two inter-racial marriages, both of which are white man/black woman and one visitor whose marriage is black man/white woman.

Apart from that I can think of one pastor in the local area who is a black man married to a white woman and, if I spread out quite a few miles, a white man married to SEAsian.

Are you sure your statistics are correct?

I'm not saying that you're wrong because I haven't really thought of this before... but as I cast my mind to it... I'm really surprised at your statistic (or maybe you are referring to other areas and I'm just assuming you are speaking about our local churches).

If you would live in a nation just 10% black the facts, change!
Gabriel said: "I don't think the SDA church recognizes marriages from other churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church".. You are mistaken about this. Are you telling me that all the marriages in the world which are not conducted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church are considered null and void? I think not. The Adventist Church recognizes any and all marriages done legally and not even necessarily done by the church. A marriage done by a Justice of the Peace is just as "legal" as one done in the church. I, for one, however, preferred to include Christ in setting up my home and family.
The church counsels to marry within the church so that 'they may be of one accord' and have the same belief base.,rather than be headed in two different directions.
Sadly, there are some pastors who have married Adventists to non-Adventists but this is not recommended. 'nuff sed
Amen, to that, Gabe!

And not just the Sabbath. The way things are going, we need to know what things we are to look for
in the future. The MANNER of Jesus 2nd Coming is one of them. If we have a divided family, our responses to future events will cause much hurt and confusion. I'm just so glad we have a Saviour to fall back on, and to look forward to His 2nd advent.
Growing up a spoon-fed SDA in the 50's and 60's I learned that the early Caucasian side of the church in the USA had a problem with this concept. I have since realized that the problem is that they are not enough Bible Based, and too much SOP based. I am now a former SDA who has become a SDB because of this very thing. Racist forget the story in the Bible about Moses's sister Miriam and the leprosy she was punished with. They also forget Paul writing in the new testament that we are all ONE in Christ Jesus. My parents sacrificed to send me to church school where i learned that in North America SDA conferences were separated by ethnicity(black or white). In grades 11 and 12 , I was sent to Broadview Academy in LaFox, Il. There I learned from the principal and one of the head elder teachers was that they wanted to make clear that interracial dating was not allowed. They even used the text about being unevenly yoked as a basis for their bias. They allowed the teaching that Noah's curse of Ham's first born resulted in black skin and negro slavery. I think that sickness is not as strong now. Broadview Academy failed and is now closed.
WOW!!! It is really great to hear your opinions in interracial dating and marriages in the SDA church. Your response left me aghast...I had no idea. This is why I love learning so much. It would be interesting to hear your other perspectives on things. Great mentality...! Love it!

Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing. I believe that being a Christian means to be Christ - LIKE. Christ made no difference in races. I believe we are made in His image - we all are; which means that we are all the same, in His eyes. I never saw where Sister White said that, but it would be interesting to read it.


Hi Alexander,

I often hear that claim but no-one has been able to produce the actual quotes. Most of the time they are thinking of what she said in "The Southern Work". This was a letter to a white girl who was going to marry a black boy who was finishing his pastoral training with a view to moving to the southern states to work there. EGW counselled that if they married and then went to the south to work it would be an impossible situation due to the prevailing attitudes in those states. She spoke in regard to a specific situation at a specific time - she did not say that black and white should not marry, as is often "quoted".


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