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As a SDA Christian, what are your views regarding interracial dating and marriages? Would you date interracially?


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In this web site we can find some examples of interracial marriage, such myself. Uncle Murray, Alexander, etc! We have married from yellow race, even tough we come from white one! Depends many others reasons and region culture as well!


I'm Filipina and a lot of asians I know prefer caucasians when it comes to interracial relationship I don't know if this is just a personal preference or deep seated racism but what I do know is that whitening products are big in asians countries. 


I think if there's a connection between the two.


My ex girlfriend was filipina and i saw that foolishness of using bleaching creams to look whiter.. I think brown colour is cool. But because low self esteem they use these destructive chemicals to look whiter. Its the oposite, white people want to be in the sun in order to get a skin turn, because they want to look a bit brown and not too white. Too much exposure to the sun rays is just as harmful as using the skin bleaching chemicals. As to asian girls preferring Caucasians, they prefer them for security reasons. They think caucasians will give them financial security and provide for their poverty stricken families back home in the Philippines.. Thats why some of them when they marry western men, they divorce them once they get settled and become citizens of those western countries. Because in the first place they married them for wrong reasons.
Well, there is nothing wrong in interacial dating and marriages among God's children. In case you didnt know y'all, Mirriam was struck with leprosy because she spoke against Moses's marriage to a black woman. God is not a racist. Racism is bad manners and old fashion. Well, i can marry anyone as long as they are adventist, white, yellow, brown, black... And interacial kids look just fabulous...
If it is the will of God. As long as you are not unequally yoked, i don;t see anything wrong, go ahead if you find love and God's favor

SLOW DOWN ! Inter - racial marriages is not a issue persay and yet again it is ok?/ SLOW DOWN!!  listen  up. Cultural issues between   2 couples accustomed to their way of seeing things can be crippling and it can be alittle bit of a heartache too .

 Why  what  reason am I saying this for ?  1,  beofre entering into a marriage with another from another culture   remember this depending on the age of the individuals cultural issues in a marriage is something  if u over look  will cause u gr8 stress and distress  too.. Do not think just because u have "talked   ""   about it  before hand  everything is now solved for it is in-grained into our brain  pattern  young friends and if it is not daily met   u going to have gr8 heartaches too..  MAY  I  suggest   you not just talk about it  but in praye rgive it serious consideration before  going onward with a marriage that is between 2 sepperate cultures and trust me here  it not easy t o over come cultural habits  that be wrong  if the other refuses to open their eyes and see beyond just how they were   raised  even in a seventh day adventist home ok??

      OH MY Stars I CAN hear you thinking out loud  what possible thing  can go wrong if Both are 7th day adventists and  raised in this manner too?   LET me say this  many times those born in 7th day adventists homes have just enough truth  that they think that by having daily devotions  morning and evening and keping the Sabbath day holy  by attending church  and participating in pathfinders and church  offices  this will save them.. 

   NOOOOO  THIS is called  works  it is by fait h we are saved and this means when we hear something that goes against just how we understand Gods word we do not let our cultural upbringing inter fear with accepting and following fully on what God wants us to practise personally.  IF u love me---dress differently  -- if u love me  eat for strength, not out of a habit!, if u love me  dont allow past hurts to close your heart to advancement in truth for today!, their a place for morning devotion evening devotion too.  Do u enjoy having devotions ?  none of this will do u any good if u wont practise what u read.. ARe u  one that will accept another to come behind and show something  from the passages u been reading that u missed when reading?? Are u also able to accept constructive critisim?. Many times when we read it word for word but we  tend t omiss the bigger intent   that lies underneath we never seen with our minds eye . .

 gr8 marriages are based on two individuals  and lovingly determined to follow  Gods leading  despite what culture the y were raised in ok??  ok 2 short examples   1 RUTH .a Moabite  woman  whose people worshiped  Idols  , she clung to naome  your God will be My god   your people  my people , where u sleep their wilI  also sleep . . LOve is not being to old to change ones habits  .. we see also another example of Rahab she had practised being a prostitute  and even the king and others knew  of her in that walled gr8 city of jerico .  

 SHE LOVED AND THEIRFORE  ACCEPTED  by faith  the Living God o f Israel was truly above all   LIFESTYLE EVEN  that of  a S,D,A CAN be cotrolled by impulse  or habit that soooo hard to ge tthrough and at times it like going through solid granite to get through to their minds  they doing that should be let go of.  ok I long winded here sorry! 

I don't believe that there is no problem with having an interracial marriage. Look at Moses for example. The only thing that God stresses in the Bible is the marring of someone out of your belief and we can take that a step further and say out of your spiritual belief because not everyone is spiritually compatible. But the problem with all this dating and marring, is that we no longer wait on God choose that special someone for us. I don’t believe in dating because it sounds so callous; what I believe in is courting which is a long term relationship which normally should end in marriage. Once again ethnicity is not a problem because God made us all the way we are.  

I have no problem with interracial marriage, but I would suggest that each person scope out the expectations of each partner in an intercultural marriage.


I know of a person who married into a different cultural situation, not knowing that when she became the wife of her husband, that the family dynamic would be quite different.  It was really from the dark ages where the treatment of the wife was concerned.  The marriage did not last...


That's why I say, leave it to God! Some people can’t understand that not everyone is meant to be married. And since we don't want to be alone we rush into a relationship that was not meant to be. We not don't pray together and get spiritual counseling we just put it upon our self’s to start a relationship and then we ask God why later. Let God choose the person that's right for us because no one knows us better that God. Since the choices are so grand we get confused like a child with 10 toys before them yet they can only choose one.

 do u know what a date is??  yeterday was the 17th today is the 18th  yesterday is gone and past  and thatis all a date is to others u gone and past yesterdays news ..  , courting is far different then a  date  it means tomorrow too u are going to work t o see this through . AFTER  A DATE IS PAST  IT becomes yesterdays news kinda borrrrring   yes no maybe??  think about it
It's still cultural, and for her time.....  Interracial marriage was not accepted as it is now, and the Lord knew it would cause problems - then.


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