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As a SDA Christian, what are your views regarding interracial dating and marriages? Would you date interracially?


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I noted that several of you guys have mentioned your preference for Filipina ladies.  I am a Filipino pastor, and this is my observation regarding inter-racial marriages.  In the Philippines, the women are held in high esteem.  This is one country where the females are adored, loved, and no man would think of doing what some of the other Pacific Rim nations are doing to their wives.  This can be a problem.  I've heard of wives of other races in the ASEAN that they were shocked at the attitude of their in-laws when she migrated to her husband's country.  As a pastor, I have not discouraged our ladies from marrying non-Filipinos.  Our country is a mixed race.  I just counsel our girls regarding what to expect about her future husband's national marriage customs.  (Our country has had two (2) female Presidents, just to indicate the high regard our country has for our female population.)

     But our country has a FAMILY CODE which guide marriages.  One of the rules states that a pastor, priest, etc., may not officiate an inter-church wedding, unless one of the parties being married belongs to the pastor's church.  But it so happens that Adventists pastors are NOT ALLOWED to officiate a couple unless BOTH OF THEM are SDA's.  

     I've been widowed, and has remarried, my wife's first husband, (they've divorced and her former husband has remarried), is a black man from the Bahama's.  Her children had felt the "non-acceptance" when they mix among the whites in the U. S. and Canada.  Couples contemplating inter-racial marriages should consider how their marriage will affect their future children's lives, remember that the darker spouse' skin is more predominant than the lighter skin.  Their children may turn out to be "a bat, neither a bird nor an animal."  Prayerfully consider all the results of your marriage.  

     Our country used to be have American bases, before the U.S. pulled out their troops.  Thus we have many so called "Amerasians."  Those of black fathers have not been easily accepted by their playmates.  

     In Christ, there is no red, yellow, black, brown and white.  The grace and the gospel can iron out whatever inter-racial differences may be.  The best consideration among our youth who are contemplating marriage, whatever the color of their skins may be, is EGWhite's counsel that both PRAY ABOUT THEIR PLANS.  Seek the Lord's approval.  This counsel should be seriously considered during their dating stages.  GOD BLESS YOU, AND MARANATHA!!!! 

Hi, there is still a lot of prejudice, about interracial relationship even in SDA congregations. But if God ever wanted people to be in just one racial group, Probably He  would have done just one Universal Race. My poetic point  in regards to this topic  is that Flowers are Beautifull in differents shapes and colors.


Thanks, PhDin2010 for addressing this Topic.

Ellen White talks about it a little in Selected Messages Vol2 page 343 & 344. And what I understand is that she was writing because at the time it was a problem. But that it wasn't a moral issue but it was for the children. So i think the same applies now. In some areas it is a problem. Some areas it isn't. You need to be aware of how your children will be treated, and also you need to be sure that both parties families are accepting of it.

I would not date interracially, because I am married.  However, there are many lovely women all over the world and interracial marriages don't bother me at all.  I have found women of all types of races attractive.  I am married man and have been for some time, so I try to no longer pay attention to such things.

On a seperate note, if I were to adopt a child, it would not matter to me what color that child was either.  I have two natural children; but, if we were to adopt, I could care less what color that child would be.  If society wants to be biggoted in that regard, that is their problem, not mine.


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