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Many sources state that the english word God is an adoption of nordic and germanic references to pagan gods and that Allah is a closer prounciation and reference to the hebrew Elohim God. This is just one of the sources I got when doing a google.

"........What if the spirit the mighty spirit of Allah by the way I got some letters from viewers after that last teaching, and one viewer said don't you know that the name Allah is a name for Lucifer? I hope you never never never never never embrace that. Allah listen carefully now Allah is closer to Elohim the Hebrew name for god then is our English word god. In fact hold on to your seats the English name for god is a Nordic pagan god. We have taken a pagan god's name and we've said that is the name of our God. And we all call him god. That's a pagan a Nordic pagan myth. So don't you ever get pushed into the corner where your saying Allah is a demonic name, Allah is the name of the living God. Allah is the creator of the Universe, Allah is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael Jethro, Job and even Baalim." -  Dwight Nelson

What are your thoughts ?

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 ok John b  I get it now  what u are refering to here ,the  aramaic  Allah is refering to 1 supreme  God while islamics  book the quar  ran  the wrord allah does not refer to the 1 true God  of holy writ .. I understand  using the health message also as  a starting point but it  am so confusing nonetheless..

I understand the need to use what one has and start from where their is agreement to build upon it main truths and then go farther sort of what PAUL DID ON Mars Hill to the .Unokwn god; I percieve it would take a knowledge of what is in the QUAR-Ran also  . they sure have their work cut out for them indeed,   thanks  John B in making  it clearer!

 oh never mind  Bevan  U are about as much  help u in understanding what is meant  as  one trying t o explain theQuantem    leap theory  to a 3 year old ..    

Murray - The Christian Bible also speaks about killing whole populations of pagan nations. The Bible specifically mentions killing men, woman and children but do we still engage in that kind of activity as Christians today. Likewise most muslims today have also abandoned teachings in the Quran who that calls for the killing of non-muslims and like modern christians have adopted more humane approach to their religion. It is only the lunatic few in muslim, Jewish and christian faith that still perpetuate jihad and other acts of terrorism.

In 2010, churches in Malaysia were burnt because the Christians used the word Allah to refer to God:


seems to me then u join them in allowing for name differences n they still want to destry u  .. maybe then u should hold fast to the faith u were taught and not compromise by modern  translators hmm?/


Not all Muslims want to kill you Murray. Would it surprise you to learn that there are violent Christians right here in the united states that would like to kill Blacks, Gays and Jews? That's right, the Ku Klux Klan is a fundamentalist Christian group and they are violent murders. Does that mean that all Christians want to kill Blacks, Gays and Jews? Do you see how dangerous it is to lump everyone into the same group? 

Thank you brother

Latest news on the Allah issue in Malaysia:

Joelle R.Tatoy, what flag are you talking about? Cite a link please. Thanks.

No Joelle R. Tatoy, you're the one who made the claim so the burden of proof is yours.  Cite the link, then I will verify.  

The Bible says that 666 is the number of a man. It does not say that it is the number of a god.

Everyone knows there is only one God. You should try reading the whole thread before you start talking.

God goes by many names but Allah is not one of them..


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