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Many sources state that the english word God is an adoption of nordic and germanic references to pagan gods and that Allah is a closer prounciation and reference to the hebrew Elohim God. This is just one of the sources I got when doing a google.

"........What if the spirit the mighty spirit of Allah by the way I got some letters from viewers after that last teaching, and one viewer said don't you know that the name Allah is a name for Lucifer? I hope you never never never never never embrace that. Allah listen carefully now Allah is closer to Elohim the Hebrew name for god then is our English word god. In fact hold on to your seats the English name for god is a Nordic pagan god. We have taken a pagan god's name and we've said that is the name of our God. And we all call him god. That's a pagan a Nordic pagan myth. So don't you ever get pushed into the corner where your saying Allah is a demonic name, Allah is the name of the living God. Allah is the creator of the Universe, Allah is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael Jethro, Job and even Baalim." -  Dwight Nelson

What are your thoughts ?

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Murray, I don't mean to be insulting or rude, but what you wrote here is really ignorant. Not only have I and others on here done our research, but there is someone on this thread who speaks a language where God is written as Allah. Sister Tiones wrote, in her bible God is written as Allah. I suggest that you take your own advise and research the name Allah. Remember that the same translators who translated the bible into English are the same ones who say that Allah and God are the same. Let me ask you, do you think that sister Tiones is worshiping a pagan god? 

Yes...I am Adventist father is a adventist pastor and my brother is adventist pastor i though we worship to the same God

 DO not the same translators make many other errors in the bible sir?? AMi not to do my own research the nand  listen only t oso calle dscholar swith biAs??   give me a break  Ezra if u choose to want t o believe Allah is God in just anothe rname so beit,,

AS for me  I know better.  it called plainly  listening t o the still small voice  this is the way walk  in it..  jUS T LIKE HOLY GHOST  is a mistranslation   when it actually Spirit    and  abyss is translate dint o hell. so many  errors  translators make u need to be very careful in accepting so called   MODERN TRANSLATORS, 

Allah is simply a name, Hundreds of Arabic Adventists know God by the name Allah. Do you think that God only speaks English? Jesus himself said "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. Are you so proud that you will dismiss all other languages except English as unacceptable to God? That sounds like a pharisees to me. 

Now as far as the translation is concerned; English aside, the ancient Arabic languages  all share a common tie. Allah is closer to Elahh which is Aramaic and means God. The book of Daniel was written in Aramaic and uses the name Elahh. Not a single book of the bible was written in English however. But if you wish to be so narrow minded go ahead, insult your brothers and sisters in Christ who speak a different language than you. 

You have not posted any scriptures, have not posted any historic works to back a single claim that you have made, so I will leave you to it. 

Hmm... I think that you really do need to do some research on this. The name Allah is not the creation of Islam. Muhammad's father was named, Abdu'llah (servant of Allah), Allah was the name of *the* God rather than *a* god.

In Hebrew He is referred to as Elah, in Arabic, Allah. God knows when He is being prayed to and when He is not. It is not for us to judge others when we cannot see the intent of their heart. God is known by many names to His people around the world. It is not the name that prevents prayer reaching God but rather the sincerity of the heart.   

Absolutely correct.  There are radicals or fanatics in every religion.   We must be careful not to judge an entire people based on what a few believe.


   I AINT  replying amen to nothing out of sheer emotion, I build upon practica l reasoning   not just  on my emotions anymore for emotions alone will have u following  anything new someone comes up with including the  Lunar Sabbath ..  YOU Can call me sirs whatever u like but your name calling and emotional outbirsts dont mean a hill a beans . I know many great minds in thes last days will cause others to fall also because the y not following   a thus says the Lord

,I not following  what Dwight Nelson has to say or any other great scholar  of our day  without strict interpetation from   Gods  Messenger also that backs up what he has to say.    I remember in Sis  Whites time Brother  Uriah   Smith  editor of the reveiw and hearld coming out  with his own truths fighting against  Jones AND WAGGONER    Sis  WHITE had  to step in and reprove all 3 for their bickering and stubborness .  , WHAT  Jones AND  WAGGONER HAD   been stating wa s the truth but  they themselves  had become puffed up  and would not listen t o sound reasoning  until lthe y finally exited the church.

 IS THIS ALLAH the same  GOD  as Jehova then logically ?/  Is the Allah of Islam  the one that states anyone that converts to  CHRISTIANITY  shall be killed and it will be their family  too that must remove this dishonor t o Allah/?  Where does God of the hebrews ever state this ?    Is  it only extremists then that follow  the qurran teachings ?   I say only this beware of translators errors today or you will be sorry late r if u do not . THe  N. I V.  NASB  NEV  SO MANY newer translations are leaving  things out an adding things that are not in the original  .. that is genuine error and we are told to  the names of those tha t do this will be removed from the book of life also.. do u want t o remain in  The Lambs book of life  o r not?/ well it depends then on who u will follow ok??  MANY MANY  FALSE TEACHERS AND FALSE PROPHET S WILL ARISE   in thes last days   beware  beware, .. study to show yourself approved,

 I SEE WHAT U SAYING   John B and I hav ealways admired your skills too..   I dunno  about this Allah t hing though  . It all new to me .. It is kinda strange hearing  Allah being  the same a s Jehova and anything Gabe endorces is always questionable in my mind anyway haha!!  ..I stil do not like it.  it just too weird.

 Wellll now  lets say the translation is  correct   but it still does not make the islamic Allah and our God the same  does it?   AINT  Nobody no how no way going to convince me the yare  . I leave the name be for now though   but  I would sure like to verify this aspect  by a higher power any way ..  .

Like Christianity, Islam is also a Jewish off shoot and therefore there are a lot of similarities between Judaism, islam and christianity. Jihadist (muslim terrorist) have darkened the image of islam and muslims at large. If we take our focus of Jihadist and just look at normal(?) muslims or rather orthodox muslims then we find a peaceful and deeply religeous people who love God(Allah) and who want to obey Him and follow his commandments. SO firstly don't let these Jihadist(terrorist) cloud your perception of Islam.

Secondly consider that ,like Jews, muslims also believe in the God(Allah) of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac,Joseph and Daniel. They believe that God(Allah) created the universe and they believe that one of His Angel's name is Gabriel. The believe that Jesus was born of a virgin named Mary and that he he came as the Messiah of the world.

With all of this why would you want to believe that you worship a different God to the muslim ? Do you believe that you worship a different God to the Jew ?

Uncle Murray, I understand what you are saying. Perhaps it will help you if I try and explain things a little further?


Firstly, as we've looked at already, the Arabic equivalent to the English word "God" is "Allah". This is referring to the concept of one supreme being - the Biblical concept of God. The Jews also referred to God by a personal name as well, Jehovah/Yahweh. Now let's put that generic use of the word for God to one side and turn specifically to Islam.

In Islam the word Allah is not only the word for the one supreme being - Allah Ta'alla, the mighty God - but it has also been adopted as the personal name for the Islamic version of God. This can cause some confusion until one is able to recognise that whilst the Muslim may sincerely believe that he is referring to the same God that the Jews and Christians pray to, he is not. The Allah of the Qur'an is not portrayed in the same way as the God of the Bible. Allah is not defined by his love (as the God of the Bible is) but by his arbitrary mercy. To add to the confusion, the Muslim is acknowledging as Allah: the creator-God of Genesis; the law-giving God of Sinai; the God of the prophets; and the God of the Torah and the Bible.


Within Adventism we have developed a department specifically for reaching out to Muslims. What has been realised is that it is much more effective to meet the Muslims on common ground, friendship evangelism, rather than to get involved in confrontational evangelism which only results in arguments and emnity.

So we begin with the Allah of the Qur'an who is the creator-God, with the health message, with Jesus as the greatest of the prophets and the Messiah, with the 10 Commandments. We can find the Law of God referred to in the Qur'an - Muslims are admonished to keep the Law of God, yet the 10 Commandments are never defined in the Qur'an. The Qur'an states that the seventh-day (Saturday) Sabbath is to be kept and that Allah punishes those who break the Sabbath.

Now, to really explore the 10 Commandments the Muslim must do what the Qur'an advises in this situation - go to the People of the Book (us) and listen to what they say.


So, we begin with the health message, with the elements of the truth that are contained within the Qur'an and slowly shift towards the Bible as the word of God until, when studying with a Muslim you can end up putting down the Qur'an and studying only from the real word of God.


Don't get hung up on the word "Allah". Once one understands that Allah is just a generic word for God in Arabic then we can get over this "pagan" aspect. However, we should never make the mistake of thinking that the Allah revealed in the Qur'an is the same as the God revealed in the Bible. The Allah of the Qur'an is the equivalent to the God of the Bible in the same way that a child's crayon drawing of a woman is the equivalent to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.


I hope this helps. If it doesn't, please let me know. I think it is really important to understand the position that is being taken here, particularly in relation to the Adventist Muslim Relations (AMR) department of the General Conference. SDAs have been acknowledged by some Muslim leaders as being the People of the Book mentioned in the Qur'an and many ordinary Muslims are beginning to recognise that there is a Christian group with whom they can agree on many things. We really need to take this opportunity to gain Muslims as friends and witness not only the life in Christ to them but also to be able to introduce them to the Allah of the Bible and the true Gospel of salvation.

Thank you John B...I didn't know this.


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