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Many sources state that the english word God is an adoption of nordic and germanic references to pagan gods and that Allah is a closer prounciation and reference to the hebrew Elohim God. This is just one of the sources I got when doing a google.

"........What if the spirit the mighty spirit of Allah by the way I got some letters from viewers after that last teaching, and one viewer said don't you know that the name Allah is a name for Lucifer? I hope you never never never never never embrace that. Allah listen carefully now Allah is closer to Elohim the Hebrew name for god then is our English word god. In fact hold on to your seats the English name for god is a Nordic pagan god. We have taken a pagan god's name and we've said that is the name of our God. And we all call him god. That's a pagan a Nordic pagan myth. So don't you ever get pushed into the corner where your saying Allah is a demonic name, Allah is the name of the living God. Allah is the creator of the Universe, Allah is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael Jethro, Job and even Baalim." -  Dwight Nelson

What are your thoughts ?

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Ok....for me it's all about Language, cause in indonesia Bible name "Alkitab" u will never found "GOD" you just found "Allah"  cause we used indonesian language not english....:) GB

Ya, I guess I got a little over defensive, because typically Allah in the minds of most is another religion all together.

My God is who created heavens and earth His name Allah in my language.

My God is who send His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. His name Allah

My God is Allah Abraham, Allah ishak, Allah Yakub

My Allah is Trinity: Allah Bapa(God), Allah Anak(Son) and Roh Kudus (Holy spirit)

i don't know why people here is like a Muslim always complain when we used some language of them, like "Assalam mualaikum...." that same like  "Syallom" but mostly muslim complaint when we used in Arabian.... they claim that's only for Muslim not Christian.....there is any problem when we talked with their language? is that sin?

it same here....there is not about how you call God, and what the God's name...but who is the God for you... more 100 years Adventist in Indonesia and all of us know the name of God is Allah.....and how u changes that? all our worship used name of God is Allah...and how can you said it's wrong? and not only Adventist call God is Allah, but all Christian call God is Allah here.

in Mark15:34 said: "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?" means in Indonesia "Allahku, Allahku, mengapa engkau meninggalkan Aku?

it's more easy for Muslim people to understand about name of God then Christian? they just only said Christian's God has Son and Muslim's God has no son.....simple different.  it's not surprises if someday Muslim will complaint his god names and will make a rule that Christian in Muslim Country can't call God's with Allah, and we will changes all our Bible and all our Worship, cause here in Adventist community doing the same thinks...

Some day when the time is coming, we can ask God, is He complaint about His name?

I agree that God will not complain about what name we call Him as long as we are reaching out to Him.  A  mother knows when her baby reaches for her and calls out that the baby wants her.  She does not wait until the baby has her name right!  God knows who is calling Him and why.  He is the one who separated the people with different languages at the Tower of Babel.  It is no surprize to Him that people speak different languages!


thank you Dorothy....there is not because i call God with Allah it means i worship to different God with you....or i worship to the wrong God....we have same God.

One of the Ten Commandments applies directly to the name of God. So, what makes you think what name we call God is not important?

Because what you are calling him right now. "God" is an English word, it didn't exist at the time that the bible was written, Arabic however did. If someone speaks Arabic, it is madness to tell them they have to call God by an English name. Do you use Hebrew to speak God's name? 

Yes right....i call God by Indonesian name....that's why i call Him Allah...

God = Allah = Elohim = Yahwe ....etc there is much name of God

we open on Mark 15: 34: When Jesus cried and say: Eloi, Eloi lama sa bach thani? means in Indonesia language: Allah ku, Allah ku mengapa Engkau meninggalkan Aku?...

i just share what i read on my Bible.

Actually if you think about it many of us here in the U.S. use the Hebrew names.  I cant number the times I have heard Him called  Jehovah...ect... here in the U.S.

I have even heard various Christian rappers call Him Elohim in their songs frequently.

As many names as are used for God in the Bible I am forced too conclude that being as it was pretty much near the same region that if the name Allah had predated even at least the new testament as a generic word for God that it would have been used in the Bible, but it was not.. So I am forced back too my original conclusion that the word Allah has simply been used for so many centuries that no other word for God exists in that language any more..

Though please don't think I am saying that those left with no other name in their vocabulary are wrong for calling Him that. I do think however that since the same name is accosted with a pagan deity that for the sake of a distinction another name be used so that those in the world do not get confused. I feel the same way about the name brahma, as it is associated directly with a female pagan god.

Can you provide a date when the word Allah was first used? We know that the word pre-dates Islam.

As to changing the name because paganism uses it...? Hmm... there were pagan "messiahs" way before Christ and they appropriated the titles of Christ for themselves. Are you suggesting that we should not use the words "God" or "Lord" because of their pagan associations? You state that if the name Allah pre-dated the New Testament then it would have been used in the Bible. The Bible was not written originally in Arabic so there is no reason to suppose that the word would have been used. However, if you want to look at semantic roots then the Hebrew "Elah" is used in the Bible. One can also note that the words "God" and "Lord" are nowhere to be found in the original-language New Testament and were only used when the Bible was translated into English - when the same word that was used for a pagan god was used for the God of the Hebrews.


I don't understand why it is acceptable for English-speaking people to use names associated with paganism for God whilst simultaneously it is being argued that it is not acceptable for Arabic-speaking peoples to use a name that has been associated with paganism? Surely, the same rule applies to all non-Hebrew-speaking people? I don't think Arabic Christians are confused about who they are worshipping.


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