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Is being faithful enough to save us?  What have you
given up to be a child of God? What haven’t you given up that you might
need to?

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Praise God for your wonderful and inspiring testimony Brother Atul. May God continually manifest His being gracious and merciful in you.
What we have given up is as filthy rags towards our salvation. It is worth nothing. The only thing that is worth anything towards your salvation ... is the blood of Jesus.
What faith I have is as filthy rags towards my salvation. The only thing that matters is the faith that God has in Jesus and the Robe of Righteousness that He places over me. That is what saves me. My faith is tiny. Far to tiny to be worth salvation.
Habakkuk 2:4 "The just shall live by faith".

Hebrews 11:6 "Without faith it is impossible to please God......."

Rom 12:3 " For I say unto you , through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has given to each one a measure of faith."
Yes indeed. Our faith and the works we do ... glorify God. And that is the reason we were created.

Very good quotes. Thanks Shay.
Why is living as a child of God always presented in terms of giving things up?
What if you don't have anything in your life at present that it is necessary to give up?
If you give up everything, and have nothing left that brings you joy, and end up sitting in a bare room wearing sack-cloth and eating bread and water, are you then truly a child of God? Are you more spiritual than your brethren?

Here are some more questions:
What have you taken up or added to your life to be a child of God?
What new skills have you learned? What new knowledge have you added to your mind?
How have you exercised the talents you have been given, and have they been multiplied?
When some activity or endeavour excites you or brings you joy, do you automatically label it as something evil to be given up because you're not supposed to feel like that about anything except God?
Or do you prayerfully examine your heart and your motives to see whether perhaps it is God that has given you these "desires of your heart", to be cultivated to His glory and for the building up of your fellow man?

Do we really believe that Christ intends us to have life "more abundantly"?

Just a few random thoughts early in the morning...

i believe that God desires to give us abundant life and what he would like us to give up are the things that can make us sin and displease Him. once you give up those things that control you, your weaknesses, there's are things that he would add and you will feel more blessed and even happier and contented.
Hi Aldona,

i've got an equation, faithfulness + works (manifestations of your faith) = blessings set to infinity.

God has thousand ways to give us wonderful and great blessings. but these come after showing that we really reach out to God and willing to give our everything to Him. i know it would hurt to give up everything that brings you joy. I sometimes do feel the burden of doing so. but God constantly directing me to Him. just when i wanted to turn back, he's pulling me back. so isn't it wonderful that we have a God like Him? The things that we need to give up most of the time are the walls that keep us in darkness. When we have nothing to boast except God's throne, we can do extraordinary and amazing things for Him.

God blesses the faithful.

It's an interesting question you have there but it's also good to note that as we think in this lines God gave his only begotten son to die on the cross quite an act right there and i think for us we actually cannot measure what to give other than dedicating our lives to genuinely serve him dilligently for the glory of his name.
no doubt that His love is immeasurable but for us human we don't give such love. we're too selfish to give ourselves to others and even to GOD. we often give to HIM what is LEFT and not our best. where is our faith then?
HE alone is 'faithful'. And that's good enough for me.
yes He is very faithful, but we need to act the faith that we have, too. in that way we can make God smile. at least.


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