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It is no secret anymore, the state of Colorado, Washington, and possibly Alaska,

have Legalized the use of "Cannabis" for personal use and or recreational use, its now

okay according to the state of Colorado, the state of Washington and possibly the state of Alaska

to use it according to how you want to prepare it, or consume it.  perfectly legal, as what

President Obama said, its like drinking a can of Beer.  Can we Adventist, make use of it,

in terms of using it,  as a tea mix, a herb drink or whatever you deem possible in comsuming

it,  in a herbal and natural way.  i am pretty sure their will be comments on this issue, and well, lets

hear what our  members here  at adventist online has to say about it.  my concern is, is it addictive

and can it be harmful to the  adventist, in terms of drinking it as a herb tea ?

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i was recently diagnoised with asthma, and a member of our adventist online suggested i vaporize the herb, "cannabis" for my Asthma.   hoping to hear from other members who has asthma also.

Why not a conventional steroid inhaler?  

Steroids are harmful to your immune system, while Cannabis repairs your immune response.

Very true.

To me this is not quite the severe illness that would necessitate such a treatment. However removing all dairy products from your diet completely will rid you of this issue. My husband had it from childhood and within 6 months of no dairy products was completely cured. However you do have to stick with the diet the rest of your life or it will come back.

sir james,
I knew an Adventist lady that used cannabis for asthma. It worked quite well, better than a steroid inhaler.

She noted that you have to find the right variety of cannabis. There are many different strains sold in the dispensaries, and each has a different cannabinoid profile, as well as smell and taste. For her, the Sativa strains were better than Indica strains for asthma. She carried a loaded pipe in her purse in case of an attack. A vaporizer was too difficult to use while at work or traveling. Although now electronic cigarette vaporizers are available that can be adapted to work with cannabis oil. These have no smell, or smoke.

I highly recommend trying it. (pun intended)

They sell hemp seed in the health food store as a supplement.  It's rich in a lot of vitamins, I guess.  These hemp seeds don't contain the narcotic.

Maybe it can relax your lungs, like albuterol.  But, Marijuana is a lot like alcohol.  It can change your attitude.  I would say every verse about alcohol would apply to Marijuana.  I would also not want to be sucked into that culture.  Hopefully you can find a better way to overcome asthma.  But, I wouldn't hold it against you, if you tried such vapor to stop an attack.  I'm sure those can be pretty scary.

They can be.  When we were first married, I had to rush my wife the hospital many times with an asthma attack. Her problems were never solved with weed, however.  There are conventional medical means to combat asthma without getting high.

Oh my. The only way to cure asthma is on a purely plant-based raw VEGAN diet and living the 8 laws of health, nothing else. Simple as that. Why so complicated with excuses

I'm taking Physical Fitness for my school course and tested my BMI and it was 19%. I'm 5"6 and weigh 122 lbs and in level 1 range meaning the healthiest level in my range. Also, I am a strict Vegan who does not consume eggs, meat, dairy, aspertame/caffeinated drinks, and street drugs. 

I know that some kids under 10 have been cured from severe diseases using cannabis oil without going to the hospital but I would recommend knowing your facts and know what you are doing fully before stepping into cannabis oil. Research it out. I do believe that medical cannabis oil has curable benefits.

My wife is a vegetarian.  It made no difference.

She said vegan, not vegetarian. And she is absolutely correct. My husband had asthma his whole life, but within months of cutting all dairy products out of his diet he was cured, and has had no recurrence since.

Actually, what helped was moving and getting her pregnant.  That seemed to solve the problem. As far as cannabis oil, I knew some people who put in in brownies and said they here high for hours.  I guess if you want something to make you feel good, any illicit drug will go.


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