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It is no secret anymore, the state of Colorado, Washington, and possibly Alaska,

have Legalized the use of "Cannabis" for personal use and or recreational use, its now

okay according to the state of Colorado, the state of Washington and possibly the state of Alaska

to use it according to how you want to prepare it, or consume it.  perfectly legal, as what

President Obama said, its like drinking a can of Beer.  Can we Adventist, make use of it,

in terms of using it,  as a tea mix, a herb drink or whatever you deem possible in comsuming

it,  in a herbal and natural way.  i am pretty sure their will be comments on this issue, and well, lets

hear what our  members here  at adventist online has to say about it.  my concern is, is it addictive

and can it be harmful to the  adventist, in terms of drinking it as a herb tea ?

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Cannabis oil has many of the chemical constituents of cannabis smoke.

Cannabis is not an "illiciit" drug... it is a plant... liscenced for use by people like myself in Canada and other places of the world.  My doctor prescribed it to me, he knows it works, and i"m on the least amount of pain killers i've ever been. He's been my doc for 20 years.

Yes home made oils still contain a lot of THC and will have that effect. Though thankfully those that come by prescription do not have that effect. It is a different preparation method that boils out the THC.

These kids do go to the hospital and see their doctors.  These doctors recognize that RSO oil works for curing their cancer or keeping it at bay.  I reference the USA patent by the federal gov't on THC Cannabis. They have a patent on it to cure diseases... but neglected to make it known to the general public.   Here is one link:

Very true.

Again I repeat myself, weed (cannabis) boiled in water does not make a person high, it has benefits. It is the smake of cannabis that is detrimental.

Actually, discussing this former pot heads, when it is concentrated and cooked, it is far more potent than when smoked.  But, this trend shouldn't surprise me.  I have heard California Adventists were notorious for being winos, now they are going to be pot heads too?  I guess coca leaf tea is next.

Actually having been a former pot head / dealer I can tell you personally that you have no clue what you are talking about.

The concentrated form YOU are referring to is that which increases THC levels, what we are talking about decreases THC levels. And actually in tincture the THC (aka the compound that gives a buzz) is removed almost completely.

To be serious, people aren't doing this for medicinal reasons.  By-and-large they just want to get high.

I know a great many cancer survivors who were cured and / or greatly relieved of many symptoms by it's use, who would disagree with you. I also know many people in AZ over 75 who are being treated with it in tincture form, because it does less organ damage than their pharmaceutical medications and thus is helping them live longer. Especially in the case of those who would normally require heavy anti inflammatory medications. Which can lead to heart attacks / heart failure.

Though putting that aside and getting back to the point. Try reading state law. Most states who have legalized it for medicinal use are only allowing forms that do not get you high, like tincture or oil, that have had the TCH boiled out of it.

That being said I would encourage you to educate your self before you open your mouth again.. You just make your self look bad.

All smoke is bad for you.  Most patients like myself use medical vaporizers...which convert the solid matter into a gas. This pure form has no carcinogens. It is highly effective, and beneficial. You don't have to have as much as smoking the plant...because of the efficiency of these devices.

Very true, this is why cannabis in tincture form is good for inflammation,..etc.. but gives no buzz.


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