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If there is one statement from the Spirit of Prophecy which has contributed to misinterpreting the character of God it is this one: "The work of destruction is a strange work to Him who is infinite in love." Patriarchs and Prophets, p.139.

Many have read this statement and thought it said something that it did not say at all. It does not say that the work of destruction is the work of God but that the work of destruction which is the work of Satan is a strange work for Him who is infinite in love.

"Satan is the destroyer." Testimonies, Vol.6, p.388,89.

On the other hand, "God's great and strange work is to redeem and save and thus repair the ruin that sin has made." E.G. White, Review and Herald, Vol.3, p.583.

God is continually at work counteracting the works of the devil. This is His great and strange work, not the work of destroying which is the work of Satan who is the destroyer.


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Well, to begin with, Mrs. White does not say that Mechisedek was Christ as you claim! "Melchisedek was not Christ, but he was the voice of God in the world, the representative of the Father." E.G. White, 1 B.C.1093.

You say I am missing the point. Of course I am missing the point Matthew because you are so absolutely sure of your being right that you will not consider any other interpretation even if it were to come from inspiration. I did not deny that God gave them the victory, or did I? God gave them the victory in spite of the fact that He said that "they have not known My ways." God was patient with His professed people just as He is today and many a times He winked at their ignorance. Even Abraham did not know God's ways perfectly. If he had he would not have had to use the sword to fight his enemies. The same Christ who instructed Abraham to fight with the sword made that forever clear when He said that those who take the sword will perish by the sword.

As a people today we do not understand God's ways any more than the Jews did and for that reason we cannot enter into His rest until we learn to know Him and as it is our privilege to know Him and His ways.

Are you quoting this to prove that Melchisedek was Christ because that is not what it says at all. I just quoted her saying that "Melchisedek was not Christ" and then you proceed to quote another statement that you think says that he was Christ. He was not Christ but a type of Christ.

Christ is a priest after the order of Milchesedek but Melchisedek was not Christ!
I did not say that you will be lost if u don't believe me but to be sure we will be lost if we persist in rejecting even one ray of heavenly light willfully. "We need every ray of light that God sends to be the light of the world." E.G. White.

You say it is my opinion I have stated regarding whether Melchisedek was Christ or not and yet Mrs. White could not have stated it more plainly that he was not Christ.

"Melchisedek was not Christ." 1 B.C.1093.

So why do you dare say it is my opinion? It was your opinion to declare that he was Christ and you attempted to prove your private opinion true by quoting a statement that was far from saying that he was Christ.

Matthew, you have not been honest and you are hardening your heart.

" Our ministering brethren are too often imposed upon by the relation of trials in the church, and they too frequently refer to them in their discourses. They should not encourage the members of the church to complain of one another, but should set them as spies upon their own actions. None should allow their feelings of prejudice and resentment to be aroused by the relation of the wrongs of others; all should wait patiently until they hear both sides of the question, and then believe only what stern facts compel them to believe. At all times the safe course is not to listen to an evil report until the Bible rule has been strictly carried out. This will apply to some who have worked artfully to draw out from the unsuspecting, matters which they had no business with and which would do them no good to know." 5T 96
My own Opinion:

The Plan of Redemption is to Save Human being from eternal death, and finally, to set probation and end sin in the right time..and "destruction" is the only way to do that!!, we call it destruction cause human being has a narrow way of understanding and putting Gods action into words. thus, Gods Act of Love is called by some as destructive rather than constructive. but we all know that most of Gods action in the old testament are carried through destruction of evil and even the sinners are struck with Gods wrath right away. Gods only Strange act is ' loving humanity in ways Human can't ever understand or conceive'...Ms. White, wrote through the inspiration of the the Holy spirit. and the word there, are not for self interpretation, nor subject for scrutiny. all the words there are for the magnification of the Bible, its the word of God in support to the word of God.

we should not be burden by taking to our selves the activity of interpreting the words of God. His words is living, it can speak for it self in ways way beyond our imagination, it is written as it is, the People may take it or leave it. anyone who would come close to it, every word is a living spirit, a guide to a genuine wisdom and knowledge of God... sometimes man ask questions out of true curiosity, and its good but we should be careful cause it might bring questions thats not really vital for our salvation, rather it will open questions and rationalization that might discredit the real essence of the word of God, which are Love, Compassion and Salvation to Man.

Your Brother in the Shield and Armor which is the Word of God..
Thanks for saying it is only your opinion, brother. What we want is what inspiration says on this matter. By choosing to elect the sword in the camp, Israel made it extremely more difficult, next to impossible, for God to teach them His perfect and righteous ways of fighting. Of them the Lord said "they have not known My ways." Heb.3:10. Having not known His ways they did not enter into His rest. There were times when they did trust Him fully and the Lord delivered them from their enemies and they didn't have to fight with the sword. Did not Christ deliver them from Egypt without the use of carnal weapons? They left Egypt unarmed but then after the crossing of the Red Sea they chose to elect the sword among them by picking up the weapons that had washed to shore the next day. They never gave up the sword after this and finally they perished by the sword at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem just as Christ had predicted they would.

God's way is a much better way. In God's way of fighting, "every carnal weapon, every instrument of coercion is banished." A.A.12.

Christ has been totally misunderstood in His giving instructions to Israel as they fought with the sword against their enemies. It was in mercy that He instructed them. For the most part, they did not know His ways because they refused to give up their own ways.


Could you explain Ex. 32: 27, 27 in light of what you are saying? What happened, in your view?

Isn't that mention of swords the first time it occurs after the Egyptians perished in the sea? Yet the Lord is the one who the Bible says told the Israelites to take their swords up for the purpose of punishing the idolaters. How do you explain that?
It was not God but their wicked presumption that killed them that day. They placed themselves where God could not protect them from the return of the waters.

You say, "good point Jim." Jim did not make a point, he asked a question!
Yes Jim, they did pick up the swords of the Egyptians which had washed to shore the next day. When they did that, they elected the sword among them. If God had left them to themselves they would have been wiped out by the Amalekites who fought against them shortly after. God did not abandon them even thought they chose to fight with carnal weapons. He was their king and He wanted them to let Him fight for them in righteousness for in His kingdom every carnal weapon and every instrument of coercion is banished. So in His mercy God stayed with them and gave them instructions how to fight with their carnal weapons against nations that at times had filled the cup of iniquity. Normally God would have left these nations to themselves and to reap that which they had sown being no longer protected from the malice and enmity of Satan. So instead of looking at the wars of Israel as the manifestation of God's ways for them, we are to look upon these wars as the manifestation of God's love and mercy toward a nation that did not know His ways. Heb.3:10. Had they not left Egypt unarmed? Did not Christ deliver them in righteousness from the mightiest army upon the earth then? Yes. If they had refused to take up the swords of the Egyptians the next day, and allowed Christ to be their only King, they would not have had to fight with the sword and they would have entered into rest.


Ex.32:27 This command of God was given for the same reason that they had elected the sword among them.
I see you guys are still at it.

Remember what Barack Obama said about John McCain? "He just doesn't get it" Brother Sky just doesn't get it. I am surprised we still have the word in one piece, after all that twisting from brother
Sky, I am still studying this. I am more highly inclined to go with what you are saying, than what the world, and myself, hav believed for a long time, that God sends direct destruction. I am very much aware, and have believed for a long time (since I first heard the adventist message), that when God was leading the people out of Egypt, that GOD did not harden Pharohs heart, but Pharoh hardened his own heart when he witnessed the power of God. This was pointed out in the seminar I went to many years ago, about Pharoh, and it made so much sense then, and even more so today.

So, now I am digging further into scripture and egw, to find out the true nature of Christ. And it makes more sense that God does not do destruction directly, but withdraws His protection after a long long time of being patient with man, to suffer the consequences they have chosen, and those consequences come from Satan, and not God.

Peace and Blessings !
Sky, I am reminded of a few things. In one post, you had said that the apostles during Jesus time on earth, before the crucifixtion, that the apostles had asked Jesus if He wanted them to call down on hellfire on some individuals, who in thier eyes, deserved it. Jesus said, in paraphrase (my own), you don't know what you are saying.

Now, we, just like the apostles, or most of us, moi included, would do the same, call down hellfire. But is this truely in line with the character of Jesus ?

Well, if you look at the life of Christ, He COULD have called down hellfire more than once to obliterate His enemies, and His TRUE enemies, are that of Satan and his evil angels. Mankind is not His enemies, for He died for each and everyone of us. HOWEVER, there are those who have chosen Satan, and by so doing, have become Jesus enemy in their own chosing.

That also being said, when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus, and one of the apostles sliced an ear off the soldier, and Jesus put the ear back on, He could have then and there let just a flash of divine Love through, and obliterated "His" enemies. But, HE DID NOT.

What I am getting at, is what I believe you have been getting at Sky, is that Jesus is LOVE. PURE LOVE, DOES NOT DESTROY. But, if one rejects pure LOVE, the brightness of that LOVE destroys those who have rejected it.

Ah, more reading for me to do !

Peace and Blessings !


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