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is it wrong to drink in moderation?

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Yes Jani, it is a sin...

So is eating refined sugar just as bad for you.... its a sin to eat this too....

De 14:21 Ye shall not eat of any thing that dieth of itself:

Yeast are forced to make alcohol because they are not able to make acetic acid as a waste product...

So the yeast is excreting the waste product because it is harmful to the living organism....

So what happens if you drink you own urine for days and days on end ? Well you die

Now you mention in moderation...well drinking waste products in some cases can be good for you....

Why ? Because it kills germs if you have too many of them living inside you body....

Most medicines have alcohol type chemicals in them...

The only time to use such waste products is when your sick....or needing a health cure.....

Drinking waste products on a regular basis is not really a health cure.....

The best way to make alcohol is to do muscular exercise, such as running...its make you feel great....

The body knows what to do with alcohol because it can be made in our cells under certain conditions.

The brain in the pituitary gland also makes morphine, so does that mean I can also take regular drugs such as Ritelin, Zoloft or such things, maybe even smoke dope for moderate boast for my health ? No

So eating any food or drink that causing an organism to die of itself naturally is a sin, so is eating the organism that would have died as well... 


wine is a mocker

yes my dear alcohol is a sin

Yes, Jesus shed his life for us and our bodies are the temple of God, taking alcohol which affects your mind and alters your viewpoint.

No, it is not a sin. But an unwise action. It is easy for alcohol consumption to lead to dependence/  and then you have a world of problems. 

Leon surprise surprise I knew you would say that because you do not take the bible seriously.

Elijah thats not a very nice thing to say... I'm sure everyone here takes the Bible seriously. If not then God will make it plain to them. If u sound like that then it's not going to help the person to change, because u sound sort of insulting

No, a lot of people view the Bible as a take as it suits Book, rather than a guide.

Thanks for your reply Jani

What would you say to someone who insists on eating unclean foods. Who see EG Whites writings as corrupting. Who thinks there is no such thing as Satan, or antichrist.

Jani Elijah's remarks are reactionary, and he deos think that persons wo disagree with him are not familar with the woed of God. What he doesn't tell you is that he didn't arrive at this conclusiin by reading the Bible, but by reading Ellen White and adhering to the traditional view of temperance. The Bible cleray ibdicates that drinkibg to excess is a sin. But it doez not exclude the use of fermented drinks which where and are a part of Jewish culture. To ignore this fact is to no know the Bible. That being said in the pre industrialized worg there were't many options for drinking. Juice was no avalible for most due to difficilties in preserving it. This fermentation was done for storage, and wine and other fermented drinks like beer were consumed. Today we have multiple options (at least most of us ) Thus, choosing alcohol isnt't wise. The array of liquor and the potency can quickly lead to trouble. I would council you to stay away from alcohol, there are much better options.

In CDF, EGW admits to being addicted to vinegar which contained alcohol in her day.  p.485.

On p.358, she states the "Strictest Diet Not The Best" which imply to me , moderation in all things.

Wrong. Why do you keep on repeating the same allegations? 

keith, we dealt with this two months ago. Vinegar is produced by distillation and did not contain alcohol in her day.


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