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Is Ernie Knoll's dreams from God or Satan? Or are they creative writting?

Check these 2 sites out and let me know what you think. It will give you both sides of the story. Ernie is a sda man who has been having dreams the past 2 years.

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Many in our church have come to this conclusion.
Thankyou Gudrun, I puchased the book beware of angels and have found it quite useful.
I have seen both a vision of Jesus upon the cross and a demon in real life. I have no problems with ANY of EK's dreams, and I have no problems with ANY of the testamonies given on the site
I know the dreams of EK are from the Most High God, so there is no need for me to go and read somebody's opinion.
Okay ... if that be your opinion and you have made it up ... then you would not benefit. Strange how some want us to be open minded yet they themselves are closed minded. I would just ask that all pray and ask God for guidance and the follow His leading.

I don't believe for a second that Ernie Knoll's dreams are from God. I think it's far more likely that Ernie Knoll dreamed it all up by himself while awake. Nevertheless, I believe that you took Ernie Knoll's statement out of context.

Ernie Knoll wrote:
The Herald turns to me and says, "It is important that His people understand while it is important that we are to return a tithe to God’s storehouse, it is equally important that they understand what the funds are being used for. If an individual is providing funds and they understand that the funds are not being used according to His will, that person will be held accountable. The Great Creator has said to pay a tribute to those who do His bidding. The Herald explains that many tributes are used toward Lucifer’s work of using spiritualism from within God’s church by those who collect and place the funds in a storehouse. The Herald says, "That is not God’s storehouse. Those that give a tribute will be able to see the blessing they give in faith when it is placed in God’s storehouse." STAND FAST, February 5, 2008.

The challenge that Ernie Knoll raises in this paragraph is if we should be paying tithe to the Seventh-day Adventist Church if that Church is promoting spiritualism. You didn't answer that challenge. I believe that there is respectable evidence that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is promoting that new form of spiritualism that Sister White said would come into the Church in the last days. See

You wrote:
"Ernie Knoll got dreams where angels say to stop paying tithe to SDAism.
Shubee has the same conviction."

Honestly Jany, that is not my conviction. I simply believe that some persons are exempt from paying tithe directly to the organized Seventh-day Adventist Church just as Ellen White was exempt. For example, I believe that a loyal Seventh-day Adventist who is threatened with arrest and criminal prosecution for coming to church, just because he or she passively resists the teaching of spiritualism in the church, is not required to pay tithe to the corporation that approves of that church.

There is a fairly well-known admission by Ellen White that she paid her tithe directly to black and/or aged ministers that the conferences were not supporting. I wish I could find the reference easily. I will spend some time looking for you, if you are interested.

As for the thread on the conspiracy of silence, I was thinking mainly of the supporting links in my second post over there.
Yes. As a leader, founder and prophet of our church ... Ellen White indicated that God instructed her to take care of some specific needs of the church. But she also indicated that this was not to be done by others and that it was not to be told to others what she had done. She supported bringing all the tithe to the store house. So, unless you feel that you are a prophet ... you should direct your tithe to the storehouse.
Jany wrote:
Brother, do let me know more what the signs are that Spiritism is working in Seventh-day Adventism. It is a new thought for me.
Perhaps you mean in the Celebration type SDA churches?

No. I am not referring to the thesis by Elder Tom Mostert, President of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, or his book, "Hidden Heresy, Is spiritualism invading Adventist churches today?"

I am referring to the astounding similarities between Graham Maxwell's spiritualistic interpretation of the atonement and that of a channeled spirit that spoke to Dr. Helen Schucman.
4 Him,

So you believe that even faithful Adventists that have been arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for passively resisting the spiritualism of A. Graham Maxwell in a church need to pay tithe for the support of spiritualists and perjurers that seek to crush loving dissent?


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