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Is Ernie Knoll's dreams from God or Satan? Or are they creative writting?

Check these 2 sites out and let me know what you think. It will give you both sides of the story. Ernie is a sda man who has been having dreams the past 2 years.

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Very good point Ian Palmer. I must have over looked that part. Yes 144,000 is not a literal number. Atleast Thats how I have always read it in the Revalation. Thankyou for bringing up that point.
All I know about bible translations are the new they get the more loosey goosey they get.

A brand-new translation of the Bible – praised by Britain's archbishop of Canterbury, that nation’s senior Christian voice – flatly contradicts traditional core Christian beliefs on sex and morality.

Titled "Good as New," the new Bible is translated by former Baptist minister John Henson for the "One" organization, to produce what the group calls a "new, fresh and adventurous" translation of the Christian scriptures.

Archbishop Rowan Williams

The 104th archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams – leader of the Church of England – describes it is a book of "extraordinary power," but admitted many would be startled by its content.

"Instead of condemning fornicators, adulterers and 'abusers of themselves with mankind'," says Ruth Gledhill, the London Times religious affairs correspondent, "the new version of his first letter to Corinth has St. Paul advising Christians not to go without sex for too long in case they get 'frustrated.'"

"The new version, which Dr. Williams says he hopes will spread 'in epidemic profusion through religious and irreligious alike', turns St. Paul's strictures against fornication on their head," adds the Times.

The One organization that produced the new Bible translation is dedicated to "establish[ing] peace, justice, dignity and rights for all." It is also focused on "sustainable use of the earth's resources," challenging "oppression, injustice, exclusion and discrimination" as well as accepting "one another, valuing their diversity and experience."

According to Ekklesia, a London-based "theological think tank" that supports the "One" translation:

The translation is pioneering in its accessibility, and changes the original Greek and Hebrew nomenclature into modern nicknames. St. Peter becomes "Rocky," Mary Magdalene becomes "Maggie," Aaron becomes "Ron," Andronicus becomes "Andy" and Barabbas becomes "Barry."

In keeping with the times, translator Henson deftly translates "demon possession" as "mental illness" and "Son of Man," the expression Jesus frequently used to describe himself, as "the Complete Person." In addition, parables are rendered as "riddles," baptize is to "dip" in water, salvation becomes "healing" or "completeness" and Heaven becomes "the world beyond time and space."

Here's how Williams, the top Anglican archbishop, describes the new Bible: "Instead of being taken into a specialized religious frame of reference – as happens even with the most conscientious of formal modern translations – and being given a gospel addressed to specialized concerns … we have here a vehicle for thinking and worshipping that is fully earthed, recognizably about our humanity."

In addition, notes Ekklesia, the archbishop praises Henson's translation for eliminating "the stale, the technical, the unconsciously exclusive words and policies" in other translations.
For me the KJV is the best. Everyone is different. I just feel closer to God when i use the original Translation God gave us in English. I feel so Lucky to have it. I actually use the KJV defined bible. Its in the original context but at the bottom it defines some of the old words people dont use anymore. Pretty cool bible. You can see it at
Thats fine but in future translations just becareful who has a hand it translating it. We already have some really radical translations out there. The bible says even Gods most elect would be fooled if that were possible. It may not pertain to Bible translations but one can never be to careful. The KJV was good enough for all english speaking people for hundreds of years. I guess I'm old fashion and dont like creeping compromises. I been to SDA churches with drum sets in the church. How many humble people do you know? they are a dying breed. The workd is becoming more and more liberal and its been snowballing these past 50 years. Jesus is coming very soon. It doesnt matter what bible you read and long as your reading it and its not collecting dust on the shelf. All i know is every new translation becomes more and more radical specially the ones coming out in the past 6 years. Just about anyone now a days can have their own translation made. Creeping compromise, or divide and conquire. How ever you want to look at it Satan is hard at work to confuse Gods Remnant.
Yes I have seen the Pinkoski site. The 144,000 I am beginning to think it might be a literal number. The reason is that the very end time is going to be horrific. I don't think that more than that are going to make it through. I could be wrong, but that is the way I am leaning towards at this point.
If you have a good sda pastor they will be able to go through the Bible and point out the meanings of words used, whether they be of Greek or Hebrew translation.

I have been around the SDA church for over 30 years, and the KJV is THE best in using for doctrinal study. I have read other translations, but the KJV is the best I believe as a standard. If you have trouble with understanding parts of it, then get a concordance.

Here is an online version
Thankyou Mister Anonymous for the link and for your knowledge on the matter.
Here is an excellant site that gives excellant answers to the critics of Ernie Knoll.
I wonder why Ernie Knoll's attending angel has such a poor command of the English language and why he sounds exactly like Ernie Knoll. It seems like a case of obvious fraud to me.

Ernie Knoll doesn't address this curiosity in his answers to the critics. What's he hiding?
I watched a 2 hr video watching him talk about 2 dreams, hes pretty convincing and his wife seems pretty convinced. Shes been married to him 30 plus years. I have my doubts as well but only because there are so many nuts running around. The jury is still out for me. I have a question how would you write a dream down if you saw one. Could you make an angel sound like someone other than your memory of the conversation? I need some examples could you please give me some. So much to look through. Show me the spots you are questioning please so I can understand thank you in advance.
Josh asked:

"How would you write a dream down if you saw one. Could you make an angel sound like someone other than your memory of the conversation? I need some examples could you please give me some."

It just so happens that an angel did appear to me in a dream once and it was nothing like the very chummy good-buddy friendship that Ernie Knoll claims for himself. See my dream at

When the prophet Daniel encountered the angel Gabriel in Daniel 9, it is understood that the angel was sent from heaven with a message and that Daniel wrote out what the angel said to him. Do you get a sense that Daniel was just summarizing the message? I believe it was a word for word quote. Likewise with the divine beings that Daniel overheard in his vision of Daniel 8. Also, whenever an angel spoke to Sister White, Sister White would put those words of the angel in quotation marks. And those words never abuse the English language or sound like Sister White.
wow thanks for that explination, i will go see you dream.


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