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Messages to Young People, p. 461. "The marriage institution was designed of Heaven to be a blessing to man; but, in a general sense, it has been abused in such a manner as to make it a dreadful curse.

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I am of the belief that there is no definite yes or no answer to this question.  Each person is different and God has different plans for each person.  For some those plans include being married whereas for other the plans God has for them will work much better if they are single.  If God leads you to a partner then it must be part of God's plan for your life.

yea...just follow what God's plan for us...:)

God bless David

 maybe some stay single because they choose to. God is not going to show up on your doorstep and knock and say here daniel look what i have for you.

@ Daniel,

Remain positive in whatever situation. Best attitude and pls read Pure quotes posted here, they will uplift u, and do pray more. If u care to be married soon.

Well  according to the  BIBLE, when  GOD  mad  everything,  he  said  it  was  GOOD. But  when  he  made  adam  and SAW  how  he  was,  that  was  the  first time  God  said  that it  was NOT GOOD.  So  powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!



best friend you make it to the top!



Now i understand what u means lolo....:)

Better to be in the Divine Will of God.....

I agree with u Sarah....God bless

i believe God has someone for everyone i mean who is like unto God. God is not limited

@ Daniel



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