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I read also some books of EGW...I read it as the way it is no interpretation made anymore because this is already the interpretation of EGW... the problem arises when some read it then reinterpret it again that leads to chaos...:)

Ferdz, please e-mail me.

sure...) where can I get your email ad?

Hear you Ferdz.  The other challenge to some of us is when SOP goes against cherished life style. live long man.


I agree...:)


Christians should ever and always be Bereans, seeking to learn more about who Jesus is and living for Him.  The OP asked whether EGW writings were necessary or required (imperative) to read "like the Bible" and that is a resounding no...Based upon Scripture and Scripture alone (2 Timothy 3:15-17).  

People can are free to do what they choose, but it is not necessary as nothing is to be equal to the Bible.  If it is, then it can no longer be a "lesser light", can it?

Hi Sarah,  my experience has been this.  Reading the Bible (as the greater light) led me to read SOP (the lesser light).  And, my sister, am a better person than I was and believe that is God's providence.

Praise the Lord...and Praise the Lord for sending whatever and whoever in many different means to each of us.



How about this idea?  Each of us is a "lesser light" and we should be pointing to the Greater Light.  This forum, ideally, will be a place where many "lesser lights" will all be seeking the greater light in both the writtings of Ellen White, as well as the Bible. 


Maranatha :)

The term "lesser light" does not mean "not necessary light"--it is after all "light", not "darkness".  I believe that EGW writings are necessary for understanding, courage, and spiritual strength for these last days.  If they weren't necessary, God wouldn't have gone to all of the trouble and effort to give them to us.


Amen Scobs.  People shy away today for the same reasons people did not want to hear God's prophets in Bible times.


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