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many people condm women and girls who put on trousers becuase many men claim the are tempted to think evil as i do when they see a woman putting on a trousers which is not in accordance with luke 17:1-3

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amen Alvin

hi I really don't know how many time this pant problem with woman has been a post discussion here. But who is really seeing to it that woman is wearing nicely. Fashion, stylist have taken the whole market through the textile industry. how many times it is being said again and again, the trend is still there. Does the previous generation who wore only the skin of the animal sin less, and those wearing dress sin less than those who wear pants. Man who keep their eyes on woman who wear dresses and pants are not sinners. Stop pricking on woman issues, as if you guys you got only this particular issue as juicy discussion. Twist for another tune please. You always have women at heart, so caring thanks!!! But they are continue to wear pants because it is winter, and I reply that already. What next on woman so that I make research to be able to answer back. There is more other interesting issues, which I will be ready to answer. By the way how many woman are cutting their hair do u care for that also. Some women are just losing their hair and there is a need to cut so please DO CARE FOR US if you really wish through constant prayers. Because with or without pant we will remain woman. What matters is that we are feminine and this has been given only to US woman. So allow us to keep that preciously as you man just do only one thing about that :ADMIRE US!!!. keep it up. 


While some are fighting up with these issues prophecies are being fulfilled and things are happening behind the scenes. Jesus is soon to come. One thing I know for sure is that God's elect will all be in one accord. So all these issues will be settled with the elect before Jesus comes. This is no time for SDA to be debating these things. If the question is asked answer from the word and leave it at that is either they bear or forbear. Now is not time to preach the gospel to SDA now is time to go to the lost sheep of Israel.

Thanks Leslie at last there will this coming topic seek for the lost sheep. In fact that we are busy doing everyday and that what I am doing for my church and am wearing my pant and doing the job and no one complains. Do you think we request a young of today to distribute some invitation for visitors day or for evangelism campaign and make a polite request not to wear pant. But Leslie you will surely find yourself with all the pile of invitation.I sincerely believe that this post should not be there any more. Polite request to the administrators.Thank you  and thank you Leslie.

Is this for real? I always thought pants on a woman had the complete opposite effect of what might cause one to think evil...

  A literal version of Deuteronomy 22:5 states, "There shall not be the thing of a man on a woman, nor shall a man put

on a woman's garment. For whoever does these thangs is an abomination to the Lord your God. Now I don't know about you,

but I do NOT wot to be an abomination before God. The Hebrew describing this abomination is "to'avat Adonai Eloheycha",

which literally means, "an abomination of Adonai your God".  The word "to'avat" comes from the root "to'evah" and it

carries the meaning of something that is "disgusting or abhorrent", which has its etymology from the root "ta'av",

meaning "to loath or detest".  Those are some pretty strong words that God uses.  So, when we approach this subject we

should also see it in those terms.   Since God uses such strong language on this issue, we should be extra sensitive. There are many who would love to

erase the distinctions between men and women. Genesis 1:27 "So God created humankind in his own image: in the image of

God he created hom: male and female he created them."God wants us to be comfortable with how he created us, we

shouldn't seek to take on the characteristics of the other gender (which is one reason I have a beard).   When we blur such distinctions the Lord says that it is an abomination, a disgusting thing before him. We are to

glorify God with everything we do with our body. 1Corinthians 6:19-20 states "Or don't you know that your body is a

temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a

price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's". One way we can glorify God is by what

we put on.   We are to resist conforming to the standards of this world. I think this includes not conforming to the standards of

society's clothing and styles, which I am sure everyone has noticed, has moved towards publicly enhancing ones sexual

features, which has No place in a public setting and should be reserved for one's spouse.   1Timothy 4:12b states "...set the believers an example in your speech, behaviour, love, faith and purity". We need to

ask ourselves, can we say that with the clothing we wea, that we are setting a good example ?   Many versions of scripture say something like; "A woman is not to wear men's clothing, and a man is not to put on

women's clothing".  But, the Hebrew in this passage is interesting.  For such versions the word "clothing" is used

twice in this passage, once in regards to men and once in regards to the women.   Instead of "clothing", our literal

version uses the word "thing", referring to a "thing of a man".  Some versions such as the JPS says, "that which

pertains to a man".  Although the clothing of a man is within the context, both of these translations are more accurate

than just; "the clothing of a man".    Were pants originally a piece of clothing designed for men or women? How about business suits? There are of course

several other examples that you could question. Part of the reason I think, when it comes to our clothing, perhaps the

reason why the blurring of these lines doesn't bother some of us is because we have slowly become desedsitized to it

over time.   Although, we may be oblivious to it, there very well could be spiritual implications to all of this.  I hope I don't offend anyone with the following, but I believe it illustrates my point on the matter.  There is the saying for a woman who rules over her husband and their house...she is said to be "wearing the pants in the family" or "the one who wears the pants".  This well-known idiom assumes that it is usually the father or "man" that rules over the household, and because men are understood to be the ones who traditionally have worn pants...when a woman takes on the man's role, it is as if she has taken on an article or the thing of a man, something that God calls an abomination.  Now, I am not saying that if a female wears pants that she is guilty of this, only that this practice among women is symptomatic of our societies spiritual state.  In other words,  although not all women are guilty of "wearing the pants in the family", judge for yourself, could the occurrence of women more and more wearing pants in our society and other articles of clothing traditionally associated with men be a symptom of our society as a whole rejecting the Father's authority...the One who really wears the pants in the family?  Although we may not see it this way, often we cannot see the spiritual connections to the spiritual realm when it comes to these things.



only one question, would any of you men wear our hipsters,tights or shorts? because they are especially meant for us, and what would you say about the Scottish men who wear skirts as part of their culture? i don't hear anyone complaining?

I am a Scotsman, I used to wear a Kilt, but now that I realise it is not appropriate, I do not wear one any more.


When ever I see men in kilts or even the South Asian men in sarong/sarung. I see it as cultural....and so do most people.  I respect your decision for you, but do not believe that is should be made for all.  The kilts are designed for a man, just as the sarongs/sarungs men wear in South Asia--and the robes (dresses by today's standards) worn in Scripture--which Jesus wore.




Hipsters, shorts??????

Who made them and gave them to women to wear again?  

We'll just have to consider whether, and if so, how much of our trouble comes because of our connection with and affection for the world.  Yet the Bible says, "love not the world", and "labour not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom".




See "Ladies, Does How You Dress Cause Men To Lust -- Al Martin", on Youtube.

As Christians, we're supposed to be witnessing all the time.

Yet, EGW advocates women wearing pants under a dress.

Take Care

If a human being can cause you to sin, then they have spiritual authority over you.  The Bible states that Satan tempts and we choose.  Jesus stated that he has given us AUTHORITY over evil as Christians.  That means that whatever sin (behavior whether in the mind or action)--MALE OR FEMALE that comes from temptation is based upon what is already in the heart.


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