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Is it ok for Adventist to drink cola, coffee,non herbal teas, shop on Sabbaths or eat out on Sabbath?

I say no but some think its ok.

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O No I've created a monster AAAAAAAAAAAAH
You haven't created a monster, you have just touched on some Adventist "hot potatoes" on which there is diversity of opinion. If you want more hot potatoes, read Martin Weber's books.

You asked and answered your own question. :-) So since you have an opinion, give us all the scriptural reasons you have for your opinion. That might be helpful for people who doesn't see things as clearly as you.

Something being "ok" as your question asks, is a pretty vague issue. What are you asking? Are these things points of salvation? Do these things glorify God? Are these things wise? Are these things healthy? You will probably get different answers to all those questions about these things.

I suggest we each study and have reasons for our beliefs and actions. At that time we can choose the course of action that would best reflect Christ to others.
I agree with you completely that our own beliefs may be wrong and that the way we are viewed by God is based on our relationship with Him. But by stating our beliefs and the basis we have for them we can then at least honestly seek truth and increased knowledge with the help of our community.

My question essentially was "Why ask a question in a public forum if you already know the answer?" If someone feels they already knows the answer and still wants to talk about it, then at least give the basis for your own beliefs. That is helpful.

If they don't know the answer, then ask the question.

I guess I'm just a bit weary of discussions that only amount to "Oh look! A hornets nest! Let me poke it." Without people laying out their beliefs and the basis for them, it only amounts to someone trying to stir up a debate.
Good Point Clark. And this topic seemed far to vast for one thread. Personally though I think that at some point we need to grow beyond these kinds of petty divisive discussions. It smacks to me of legalism. And while some may be there ... we do need to become more mature at some point.
If we love our parents and they ask us to do something is that legalism? Hopefuly we do it out of love and respect , not because we get something out it. I only asked the question to see where we are at in our experiences. To get us to think and to see where God wants us to be.
I am a firm supporter of the SOP and have not seen anywhere that her writings disagree with the Bible. I too despise that pot shots are taken at our prophet. She herself clearly states her role as a messenger. I take her word for it. :-)

As for people actually changing their behavior, that is the hardest thing on earth to do. An example of that is this: My wife is a dietitian and consults with many people with diabetes. These people are faced with many huge problems if they do not treat their illness with lifestyle changes and sometimes medication. They face things as serious as neuropath (dizzyness, numbness,etc), the amputation of limbs, to even death. But how many actually change their lifestyle to mitigate those results? Almost none. They had the knowledge they needed to change but did nothing with it, knowing the dire consequences. I was baffled. That is how hard it is to change your life on your own. Almost impossible.

Thankfully we have a Savior who can change us. But change often takes time. So that is the work of our lifetime. But having discussions where we lay out the basis for our beliefs and behavior is very instructive to others and will shape their decisions. That is why I encourage everyone to include the scriptural and SOP basis for their beliefs. That information can and will help others.
I am shocked and saddend at the attitude of many in the church.I have many personal problems that I must deal with and personal struggles.but if one reads the Bible and the SOP much confussion would drop. It all boils down to I just want my own way and how little can I do to slide into Heaven? Some want their cake and eat it too it seems.
Often, it takes a bit of time to digest new information especially that which challenges our prior way of thinking in matters of faith. As is clearly illustrated by us all, (sml.), one get's pretty invested in one's perspectives. The seed after being planted may need a little while to germinate. That your friend hasn't changed contact info. may mean that he stills percieves you as a friend. He has chosen to leave the door open perhaps? .
I sympathize with this, Gabe. When we speak the Word to others, even a friend, sometimes the response is not what we would wish. You gave him what he needed to know, whether he knows it or not. And when our cherished beliefs are challenged, it puts us in defense mode (I know. I had to relearn a lot of things when I became an Adventist - with a lot of anger, pain and tears.)

Just continue to pray for him. It doesn't look as if he wants to end your friendship if you're still with him on Facebook. And just talking about unimportant, but fun things may bring him back.
They only appear happier. Satan is fooling you on that one. If an Adventist is sad all the time they need to look to Jesus to get them out of their blue funk. It could also be adventists have not fully surendered to Christ and are looking to see what makes them happier instead of being a servant to others.
I think if one reads Exodus 20,Isa 56 it should clear up what is right to do. Also Isa 55 vs 8-9 tells about God's thinking and his ways. We need to remember that God is much greater than us and to listen to what he says about our health and Sabbath keeping.
I like movies. But, I find this kind of topic a waste of time.


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