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Is it ok to serve Pork, Meat, Ice cream Cake, Beef steak, or horror flicks, chick flicks.

I've thought it was unwise to serve these things since I went to Wildwood and interacted with that health and wellness institute.  They showed that we should serve the best foods and the best health practices and not give someone something that would injure them.  Although if some people were given a choice they would choose the unhealthy stuff.  So the question is should we serve the rotten stuff in business, or should we serve them only good stuff.  Because God gave the Israelites meat, but then He slew them.  Sounds weird to me.  Let me know what you think please.

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True Andrew The Lord looks at the heart not on what you are eating. Never the less if you eat swine flesh just to see how far the Lord will extend the saving Grace I think you are skating on very thin ice indeed. 

To say we should not say Come Lord Jesus just because people are real sinners is not faithful saying because Jesus says it in the Word and the Word is for all humans.  Jesus doesn't want to punish us He wants to save each and every one of us.  And none will be lost that truly wanted to be saved.

Andrew if by faith we accept Gods word and do what He says with His help we will live.  If we keep with our bad habits all kinds of bad things will happen. 



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