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I have just been wondering, i read a book by Roger Morneau where he talks about evil spirits using type writers...

So i was just wondering if the devil can chat with us online?


tell me what you think.....

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Spiritual of the many spiritual gifts and one that is available to all who ask the Father. =)

Principled approach there Paul and even if dealing with new people in the SDA Church, new to SOP, etc, God helps us determine along the way (as we walk with Him); whether individual is serious or up to no good.  live long...

Absolutely! We need not be afraid of him. Thank you. Speaking directly to the defeated foe, God says, "They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms..?" (Isa 14:6). [I think we get a better sense of this question when we look narrowly, or squint, as we ask it.]


And further to the crushing or wounding of Satan's head...

"The gospel message does not win a single soul to Christ, or make its way to a single heart, without wounding the head of Satan." (4Testimonies p.595)

oh JAPFAWM  you are back Wc again 

Jason, its been a while. Nice to see you.

     We encounter skeptics not only in the world, but in the church. When the people of God assemble to worship him, there Satan intrudes his presence. Wherever there is a religious interest, there the poor souls that have been entangled in his snare may be found zealously working for their master. On almost every camp-ground may be seen little groups gathered here and there, eagerly listening to what some doubter or infidel has to say. Here the skeptic is in his element. He delights to talk. He has studied the Bible with the sole object of finding passages which he can use to trouble and perplex other minds. Some Christians feel it their duty to defend the word of God, and they enter into controversy with the skeptic--rather with Satan and his angels, who speak through him. This is just what the Prince of darkness and his agents desire. The infidel has nothing to lose, however the discussion may terminate; but the Christian suffers an immeasurable loss when his confidence in God's word is lessened.  {ST, June 8, 1882 par. 19}

     These scoffers at sacred things may utter many sharp, witty, apt sayings, but "the poison of asps is under their lips." The father of lies lends them his power and his Satanic cunning. Christians should avoid controversy with these men. We may feel that we are in no danger from their influence, but others will gather about to listen, and some soul may be led into the path of doubt and skepticism. Treat them kindly, but give them no opportunity to parade their infidelity. Give no place for Satan to insinuate his presence. Do not take one step on the enemy's ground.  {ST, June 8, 1882 par. 20} 

     God would have his people shun the society of infidels, atheists, and spiritualists. He has warned us of their character and their fate: "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." "He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination." "The transgressors shall be destroyed together; the end of the wicked shall be cut off."  {ST, June 8, 1882 par. 21} 

     Satan will endeavor to destroy the faith of every follower of Christ. He comes to some as a roaring lion. To others he appears in angel garments, his voice subdued to the gentlest whisper. Our only safety is to cling with unwavering faith to the word of God, and promptly and resolutely to shun whatever that word condemns, it matters not how pleasing its appearance, or how specious its pretenses.  {ST, June 8, 1882 par. 22} 

     There are some professed Christians who are always weak, always desponding. They permit themselves to be constantly harassed by doubts, and seem to think they must always remain in this condition. These persons might be free, did they but realize their danger, and put forth an effort to escape from the snare of Satan. Let them cease to give utterance to their doubts. Every unbelieving word strengthens their own tendency to doubt, and plants the evil seed in the minds of others. Whatever we choose to sow, that we must reap. If the farmer sows wheat, he will reap wheat. If he sows thistle seed, his harvest will consist only of thistles.  {ST, June 8, 1882 par. 23} 

     Light and darkness, truth and error, are before us. We are free to choose. God will never remove all excuse for unbelief. Those who look for hooks to hang their doubts upon, will find them close at hand. It is far easier to suggest doubts than to inspire faith. Because the natural heart is at enmity with God, a greater effort is required to believe than to doubt the word of the Most High. And Satan himself opposes everything that would strengthen faith.  {ST, June 8, 1882 par. 24} 

     There is one course which all must pursue who honestly desire to be freed from doubts. They are cherishing some indulgence forbidden by the word of God, or neglecting some duty enjoined therein. Let those who complain that they walk in darkness, give heed to the light which already shines upon them, and they will receive greater light. Let them do every duty which has been made plain to their understanding, and they will be enabled to understand and perform those of which they are now in doubt. "If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine."


  {ST, June 8, 1882 par. 25} 

Enoch was an active worker for God. He did not seek ease and comfort. Nor did he spend his time in idle meditation or in striving to gain happiness for himself. He did not participate in the festivities and amusements constantly engaging the attention of the pleasure lovers of the antediluvian world. In his day the minds of many were absorbed in worldly pleasures—pleasures that tempted them to go astray. But Enoch was terribly in earnest. He did not idly saunter along the streets or linger near places of amusement as if he were an indifferent worldling. He never engaged in common conversation with those who were corrupt, as if he were one of them. With the sinful and with the workers of iniquity he mingled only as God’s messenger, to warn them to turn with abhorrence from their evil ways and to repent and seek God. {CTr 48.2}

Enoch lived an active, zealous life of self-denial. He walked with God in a world so corrupt that the Lord afterward destroyed it by the Flood. And he walked with the ungodly as one among them, not as one of them, but as one whose purposes and works and hopes were based not only on time, but on eternity. He did not give the worldly-wise any reason to question his profession and his faith. By earnest words and decided actions he showed that he was separate from the world. After periods of retirement he would mingle with the ungodly to exhort them to abhor the evil and to choose the good. As a faithful worker for God he sought to save them. He warned the world. He preached faith in Christ, the Saviour of sinners, the sinner’s only hope. {CTr 48.3}

Enoch was an Adventist. He carried the minds of people forward to the great day of God, when Christ will come the second time, to judge everyone’s work. . . . {CTr 48.4}

Like Enoch, we must walk with God, bringing the will into submission to His will. We must be willing to go where Jesus leads, willing to suffer for His dear sake. In seeking to save the souls for whom Christ has died, in conquering difficulties, and in keeping ourselves unspotted from the world, we reveal the genuineness of our religion. Faithful Christians do not seek the easiest place, the lightest burdens. They are found where the work is hardest, where their help is most needed.—Manuscript 36, 1902. {CTr 48.5}


That was the Jesus way to handle this. =)

Definitely! Yes!  to MISLEAD all of us here. But as long as we read our bibles and have this never-ending connection with God, then Satan will have a hard time deceiving us. And this quote best apply here :IF YOU DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING< YOU WILL FALL FOR EVERYTHING'-)


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