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I have just been wondering, i read a book by Roger Morneau where he talks about evil spirits using type writers...

So i was just wondering if the devil can chat with us online?


tell me what you think.....

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Ana..... I agree. I wish things were different. I wish we could breath some fresh air on here. But hey, we are in the world. We need to be more diligent as when walking the streets of the world. Never to slumber.

I agree with this point. I'm not a church leader and am new to the SDA Church, baptized in 2010.  I have met Godly SDA's and some not so Godly.  I'm at a highly impressionable stage at this time and was very disappointed by the way I have been treated by some SDA's. Not all but some. This would be true of any church. It has caused me great confusion. My SDA friends explained it to me this way. The SDA church is a hospital.  All of us are sick with sin. We all go there to take our medicine. I have learned to pick and choose my friends within the SDA Church very carefully just as I would with anyone because some of them are not Christ-like.  This is true within ANY church and the SDA Church is not exempt. This is why my relationship with Christ is #1. My relationship with the SDA Church is not a priority for me.  Christ is my priority.  

Roger Morneau sure keeps pumping that Satanic high priest for information.  Seems suspicious to me.


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