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I was once asked by a friend to post this in a forum. She said she really wanted to know how others answer this particular question which we will be dealing everday...",. This made her giggle indeed...",

He, he. Yeah, this title made me giggle. Is it possible to live a life without sin? Let us examine the question, shall we? Who or what in this case is defining "sin"? For simplicity sake, let us break the Cardinal Rule (ironic, isn't it?) of never assuming anything and let us assume that in this case our sins are defined by the Christian church and ideologies. I think that makes discussion simpler for this topic.

So the question has now become: Is it possible to live within the confines of Christian rules and ideologies as an individual without sin? Well, simply put the answer is no. According to these theologies, every human being (that's you) is born with Original Sin. The concept of original sin refers to the fallen state of man, the origins of which can be found in the book of Genesis where Adam and Eve eat from the tree of knowledge and are banned from Paradise for all time (I guess ignorance really is bliss!). Original sin means that from your first moment in life, before you are even cut from your mother, you are sinful, the implication of which is that your very existence is a transgression against God. So we have that one out of the way. Let's move on.

Say we remove original sin just for the purposes of this argument because, let's face it, so little discussion on this topic is kind of boring. So say that hypothetically, we are born clean. Can we now proceed without sin? Well, let's just see how many things are sinful as described in the bible: transgression, unrighteousness, omission of know duty, faithlessness & foolishness of thinking all constitute as sin in the bible. Wow! That is quite the list! That means that the first time you disobey your parents, question your faith, argue with your sister, fail to clean your room, or say something dumb (words like 'poo' and 'caca' and 'butt' come to mind) you have fallen off the sin wagon. And that's not all! All sorts of little misdeeds are sins!

"Whosoever comiteth sin transgression also the law: for is the transgression of the law"
1 John, 3:4

This means anytime you break a law that is not in direct conflict with the laws laid down in the bible you have sinned.

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If it where not possible God would not have taken Enoch, for Enoch walked with God. Also, more importantly, if it were not possible then Jesus would not have been able to gain the victory over sin for the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.
It is not necessary to sin. Sin is only necessary if it is true that we are sinners simply by being human and by being born. But the Bible does not teach that we have no choice whether to obey God or not. If we have no choice whether to sin or not, Paul would not have written Romans 6; 1, 15 and Jesus would not have said, "Go and do not keep on practicing sin." (This is the meaning of the Greek.)

If we are guilty of sin simply because we are human, then we have no choice.

But if sin is a choice that we make, then we obviously have a choice.

This question goes along with the question, "Can believers through the power of God's Spirit keep God's commandments?" If no one can, then the Third Angels' Message which we believe God called our church to practice and preach is false.

Excellent teaching on this very topic:
WOw...thanks for this link. I'll try to visit this site you have recommended in here...",
Get Dennis Priebe's wonderful book, Face To Face With the Real Gospel. It is one of the best books I know of that deals straightforwardly and clearly from a Biblical viewpoint with all the questions you pose.
I haven't came across with Dennis Priebe's wonderful book, Face to Face with the Real Gospel. Hmmm, the source is very good indeed. Thanks for these Bro. Jim. I still have to give time reading over these sources...",
We cannot copy the pattern but we can imitate Him:

"In Him was found the perfect ideal. To reveal this ideal as the only true standard for attainment ; to show what every human being might become; what, through the indwelling of humanity by divinity, all who received Him would become--for this, Christ came to the world. He came to show how men are to be trained as befits the sons of God; how on earth they are to practice the principles and to live the life of Heaven." Education,73,74.

"Jesus revealed no qualities and exercised no powers that men may not have through faith in Him. His perfect humanity is that which all His followers may possess if they will be in subjection to God as He was." Desire of Ages,664.

"He was perfect in all things, in soul, in spirit, in word, and in deed. He was all that the law required; but what the law demanded of Christ it demands of all humanity. We must be Christ-like, and give an example to the world that is worhty of imitation. In this way we shall honor God. And the Lord says, 'Them that honor Me, I will honor.'" Review and Herald, Vol.2,303.

"His experience is to be ours." Desire of Ages,363.

But "Man's part is to lay hold by faith of the merits of Christ." F.E.430.

If we do our part, which is our lifebusiness, to look to Jesus, and accept His merits which it is our privilege to claim, then the God of Heaven will do His part which is to work in us both to will and to do His good pleasure which is just another way of saying that He will re-create in us the image of God. As we daily appropriate the merits of Christ to ourselves, the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Godhead, makes us a partaker of Christ's nature, a nature far above that which Adam and Eve forfeited by transgression for the simple reason that the first Adam was from the earth but the second Adam is the Lord from Heaven! See 1 Cor.15:47. This is a stupendous truth!!! "Christ places His own merits upon man and thus elvates him in the scales of moral value with God." Our Father Cares,121.

Thus it is written, "The revelation of His own glory in the form of humanity will bring Heaven so near to men that the beauty adorning the inner temple will be seen in every soul in whom the Saviour dwells. Men will be captivated by the glory of an abiding Christ. And in currents of praise and thanksgiving from the many souls thus won to God, glory will flow back to the great Giver." Christ's Object Lessons,420.


"We are living in the great Day of Atonement, and it is now time that everyone should repent before God, confess his sins, and by living faith rest upon the merits of a crucified and risen Saviour." "When we trust God fully, when we rely upon the merits of Jesus as a sin--pardoning Saviour, we shall receive all the help that we can desire." Testimonies to Ministers,224; Patriarchs and Prophets,431.

"Let us tell Him all about our troubles and sins, and He will know just what to do in our case. We have a great High Priest to whom we may come boldly; we have a Mediator in the heavens... Confess your sins to God, and He will never betray your trust. Although we are sinners, He will pardon abundantly... He marks our contrition of soul; and sins will go beforehand to judgment; and when the times of refreshing shall come, they will be blotted out by the blood of the Lamb, and our names will be retained in the Lamb's book of life." Idem,303.
Being humans make us automatically fall under the definition of sinners. However, that does not mean we sin everyday.
We can live sinless lives, but this cannot save us. We are not worthy to save ourselves even with our own righteousness. It is Christ who can make a righteous person on sinful earth become a righteous person on righteous earth (earth made new)
Well said Melinda. Being sinless would not be enough to save us. We must be saved by the blood of Jesus. And when we accept His sacrifice for us ... we are immediately saved. No waiting for perfection required. We are covered and considered to be perfect even though we are not.
The Bible does not teach that we are "immediately saved." The Bible and the Spirit of prophecy never put it that way. Rather, we are being saved. We "will be saved" when Christ returns, and our eternal life begins now-- because of fellowship with God-- but this eternal life is not an unconditional possession.

There is such a thing as false confidence. Jesus Himself talked about people who will be astonished to find that they are not among the saved.

There are people who expect God to fulfill His promises but are not willing to comply with the conditions. Salvation is not unconditional.

The condition is repentance and continued faith in Christ. Jesus said, "Truly, truly I say to you that anyone who is not born from above cannot possibly see the kingdom of God." John 3: 3, 5.

God has told us how we may know if we are born again, or born from above. 1 John 3: 1-10; 5: 18. (See Amplified Bible.)
Is it possible to come to a point where you don't sin?

Anything is possible with God. Probable? ... No. Required? ... No
I firmyly believe that we can live a life without sinning if we will always put Christ at the center of our lives. We all knew this and no one can't deny this truth that for God so loved the world that He has given His only begotten Son. Jesus had paid our sins through His death on the Cross of Calvary to redeem us from the bondage of sin.

But still God has given us the freedom of choice. I believe that if only God totally controls everything in us, we would not commit sin. But then again, we are still asking God to control everything is us. Sometimes or oftentimes, Christians (everyone is not exempted to this) are living weak, defeated lives.

Even if the Holy Spirit dictates us to not commit sin everytime satan whispers us to do things unpleasing to the sight of God, sometimes we would choose to sin because of our human weakness.

In our everyday dealing, comes along with it is our everyday battles in life. Why I said so? Because our body itself (our eyes, our hands, our mouth, our tongue) would lead us to sin. But thanks God that He has given us His grace everyday to avoid sinning if we will listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

There are two choices in life to live. That is if we're going to live a life without sinning or live a life embrasing sins. It's still up to us.

If a certain criminal (a bank and house robber) was bailed or given a pardon, what do you would be his outlook in life after he got out from prison? What do you think are the thoughts running in his minds? WOuld he think to commit sin and be imprisoned again or change his perspective in life for good?

We knew that the problem doesn't end there. Even Christians who have accepted the claims of God's law are not too concerned about how well they fulfill it, either. In a subtle way they have been affected by the prevalent belief that too much concern about obedience is a form of salvation by works. Incredibly, some seem to be so fearful of keeping the law too closely that they actually make provision to break it. By doing so they perversely comfort themselves for not being legalistic.

How could people committed to commandment-keeping ever come to such a confused contradiction within themselves? Exposure to a false concept of righteousness by faith is only part of the answer. Much of the problem is based upon human failure and weakness of the flesh. Because they found themselves stumbling in their efforts to be perfect, they finally concluded that it was impossible not to sin. From that point it was easy to start interpreting Bible texts to support their weak experience. Satan exploited the psychological bent of the human mind to rationalize, and soon they had developed a comfortable doctrine that accommodated their occasional deviations from the law. Consequently, most Christians today are resigned to an alternating experience of victory-defeat, victory-defeat. To them it is the approved lifestyle of normal Christianity.

But something is fearfully wrong with this position. In the first place, doctrine should never be based on feeling or human experience. It must be rooted in the plain, unequivocal teaching of the Word of God. It is true that Bible texts can be assembled which seem to support the doctrine of spiritual imperfection. We are assured that all have sinned, that the carnal mind is enmity against God, and that man’s righteousness is as filthy rags. But all the verses about failure, sin, and defeat are in reference to the unregenerate experience of a person. There are literally scores of other texts which describe an opposite experience of total victory and sinless living. In every case they are referring to the Spirit-filled life of a converted, committed child of God.
As for me and mine. We will continue to sin.But praise God in His mercy .... I am saved.


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