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I was once asked by a friend to post this in a forum. She said she really wanted to know how others answer this particular question which we will be dealing everday...",. This made her giggle indeed...",

He, he. Yeah, this title made me giggle. Is it possible to live a life without sin? Let us examine the question, shall we? Who or what in this case is defining "sin"? For simplicity sake, let us break the Cardinal Rule (ironic, isn't it?) of never assuming anything and let us assume that in this case our sins are defined by the Christian church and ideologies. I think that makes discussion simpler for this topic.

So the question has now become: Is it possible to live within the confines of Christian rules and ideologies as an individual without sin? Well, simply put the answer is no. According to these theologies, every human being (that's you) is born with Original Sin. The concept of original sin refers to the fallen state of man, the origins of which can be found in the book of Genesis where Adam and Eve eat from the tree of knowledge and are banned from Paradise for all time (I guess ignorance really is bliss!). Original sin means that from your first moment in life, before you are even cut from your mother, you are sinful, the implication of which is that your very existence is a transgression against God. So we have that one out of the way. Let's move on.

Say we remove original sin just for the purposes of this argument because, let's face it, so little discussion on this topic is kind of boring. So say that hypothetically, we are born clean. Can we now proceed without sin? Well, let's just see how many things are sinful as described in the bible: transgression, unrighteousness, omission of know duty, faithlessness & foolishness of thinking all constitute as sin in the bible. Wow! That is quite the list! That means that the first time you disobey your parents, question your faith, argue with your sister, fail to clean your room, or say something dumb (words like 'poo' and 'caca' and 'butt' come to mind) you have fallen off the sin wagon. And that's not all! All sorts of little misdeeds are sins!

"Whosoever comiteth sin transgression also the law: for is the transgression of the law"
1 John, 3:4

This means anytime you break a law that is not in direct conflict with the laws laid down in the bible you have sinned.

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Of course it is possible to live a life without sin. we have to be sinless to go to heaven, how will we get to heaven with sin in our life. read the three books of John and it will tell you that we have to be sinless, that means a life without sin, so yes we can and we should.
According to 1 John 1:10, if we say we have no sin, we are lying. I assume that you have committed at least one sin in your life. That one sin disqualifies you from heaven. Even if you never sinned again, how could obedience forgive that one sin? That's why we need God's grace. Simply not committing sinful acts won't get you into heaven.

Ephesians 2:8, 9
For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

If we could be saved by keeping the law, we would not have needed Jesus to die for us. He took the penalty for our sin. Salvation is a gift from God.
Very true Travis, that's where sanctification comes in.Its the work of a lifetime.No one is teaching legalism, and no one is expected to be Holy and sinless at conversion, or probably in the next following years. Spiritual progress is the key. If we become comfortable in any sin, there is the danger.

If we see Cousin Ralph is living a good holy life and seems to do every thing right, and we see ourselves as well short of that, we should not despair, but have courage and continue on drawing strength from Christ as He will give us the victory as we meet His conditions. Progress is the key. Jesus is our real example, we are not in competition, though we can strengthen each other along the way.
Since the closer we get to Jesus, the more sinful we appear to ourselves, we don't really have any sort of reference for how we're "doing" spiritually. If Cousin Ralph (or you or I) think that we're getting closer to holiness/sinlessness, we're actually on the wrong road.

Aren't we all glad that the only way into heaven is by Jesus' merits alone? I know I am.
Travis, it is all about Jesus, we simply obey Him.I think we can know when the Lord is working in us and giving us the victory over sin, not all at once perhaps, but it should be progressive.One can ride the pendulum way too far too the right all the way to the Holy Flesh doctrine. That is fanaticism when one believes he cannot sin. Some also believe that sin is not real. (Christian Science)

Our reference point and example is Jesus.
It is always by His sacrifice Travis but when He comes to live in your heart, things really do change for the better! ;-)
If I am required to be sinless ... I will not be going to heaven. But, if salvation if by grace ... God's grace ... then I plan on being there. Praise God I am viewed as sinless because of him. There are many people who have given their heart to God but did not have much life left for sanctification to develop. But I am not saved by sanctification ... I am saved by God's Grace.
Thank the Lord, AMEN!
without sanctification, there is no real salvation. It is a false gospel. The character is not transformed into a Christlike one. N HIM, a careful study will reveal the truth.
You are right that ALL who come to Christ DO experience sanctification. Even those who don't know the gospel yet ... experience sanctification when the promptings of the HS convict.
of course the thief on the cross had no time for sanctification. We do not fit that criteria.
Some do ...


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