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Is it proper to label or use the Bible a "Bible Game" in one of our church programs?

I have received a comment from a friend about his opinion on the use of Bible labeling it as "Bible Game" during one of our church programs. I had the same observation which he had pointed out...",

If I may quote the points, this goes like this...

Do you think that Bible games are really edifying? Are we trivializing and making fun of the Word of God? Did Jesus and the apostles learn the solemn, powerful Word of God by playing games with it? Is it much different than the irreverent joking and jesting that some do concerning spiritual things?
Satan's Strategy Is to Confuse the Senses.--Satan's work is to lead men to ignore God, to so engross and

absorb the mind that God will not be in their thoughts. The education they have received has been of a character to confuse the mind and eclipse the true light. Satan does not wish the people to have a knowledge of God; and if he can set in operation games and theatrical performances that will so confuse the senses of the young that human beings will perish in darkness while light shines all about them, he is well pleased. {AH 401.6}

I hope we can give light to this concern so that we would also know where our stand would be...",

Reminder: Please let's discuss this in a Christian way, giving due respect to each other's opinion. Thanks...",

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Hi, "Ton Ton,"
I believe Bible games are very beneficial, especially for our children. They reinforce Bible themes, facts and memory verses. Some can become the basis for deeper discussion. My children especially enjoyed "Bible Trivia" and were pleasantly surprised when the so called difficult questions were actually questions that could actually be answered from SDA perspective, ie: "What day of the week did the Sabbath fall on?" You can trivialize anything, but common sense can tell us what would be beneficial and what wouldn't.
But do you think it is okey to name it as "game" per se?
A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.
Key components of games are; goals, rules, challenge, and interaction. Many games help develop practical skills, or otherwise perform an educational, simulational or psychological role, and also serve as a form of exercise,

According to the above definition of a game I don't see any problem with bible games
How exactly are board games sinful? Why don't we all just sit around frowning because smiling might make people think we were being worldly and jesting?
When I was AY leader, three years ago, one of the things that I did was buy a set of Egypt to Canaan, Life of Christ and Life of Paul, for the department. These were intended to be used at AY time as well as at our social programs.

On the cover of one of these games, is a quote from EGW which says, "Character is often determined by the way leisure hours are spent" (don't remember reference).

When I seek to reconcile this quote with the prescription for the development of a whole child/person, in Duet. 6:3-15 (esp vs 7), I perceive no antagonism in using the Bible in every aspect of daily living (including Leisure/games) and the will of God for our church programs.

This structured method of 'teaching Bible' is often much more beneficial that what obtains in some homes or even from the pulpit, at times. Years after playing these games,as a youth, I still remember most of the information and use it today to advance the purposes of His kingdom.

It worked for me and mine. Hope it works for you.
My Dear Brother Ronnie, et al;

The word “game”, as a noun, has several different meanings. For example,

a. an object of pursuit
b. a wild animal
c. competitive activity
d. an amusement or past time

The bible games that we play are interactive activities during which we interact with others and have fun while we learn the Bible. Yes, the Lord wants us to have fun, be happy , laugh, smile, cry with joy, think in awe and be touched by the Holy Spirit as we learn and share His words through interactive activities we call Bible games.

Look back in your childhood for a while. Do you remember those wonderful children’s games that we played, some coupled with music, to teach us so many great lessons in every subject - in life skills too?

Well, let’s fast forward to nowadays, and allow me to mention that some people might now see the word “game” in a negative way, taking into consideration the kinds of “games” that are out there.

Therefore, my friend, thanks for the discussion. I have coined a new name for Bible games and your friend can play without consternation - Bible Interactives. The players will be called “interactors” .You won’t find this in any dictionary right now; consequently, today I begin a campaign to get it in the revised versions of all dictionaries. So everyone, please join my group Bible Gamers (“Interactors”) and interact (play) with confidence. Let’s have good interaction (game time) playing these Bible “interactives.”
Playing Bible games will cause children to play pool in taverns? :\

Have you ever read "War of the Invisibles"?

Must we not do anything that Jesus and Ellen White never did? Shouldn't you be getting off the computer and moving to Israel?
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. And too, "all things may be permissable but not expedient (or advised)". 1 Cor 6:12 So I suppose the guidelines of what is edifying, appropriate and useful applies.
I think that God loved children and games .... HE made games out of the lessons for the people. Right now though ... I think He is pulling His long shoulder length hair out. I honestly think God has a very good sense of humor. Just look at all of His creation.
It's not that I am against Bible games. Of course,I love and I'd love Bible games. It helped our youth come back to church and get interested to participate.

But the point is, the whole Sabbath day should be observed a holy one since God made it holy...", Did Bible mention that God made fun of His holy day?

Again, from the points of view of those that are conservative type or what others say "old school type people", they would no longer accept it as spiritually motivating part of the Sabbath but it's rather an entertainment...

What can you say?
I don't see how playing Bible Trivia or something is making fun of the Sabbath. You might be having fun on the Sabbath, but there's nothing wrong with that.
The conservative type. That is what the Jews were. I am sure they would have been opposed to good clean spiritual games on Sabbath.


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