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Chew on this - is it all right for an elder or any parent to encourage their daughter to date an unbeliever?

I know a situation where the daughter who is less than 20, lives at home with parents and dating an unbeliever. Father has tried to discourage but gets no support from mother. Father is an elder in the church and has stated how he has tried to discourage her by talking to her about it but she is not listening to him.

Are we at the stage where children control parents and do just what they please regardless of objections by their parents. What do you think he should do? Should he do anything? Besides he has another daughter approaching that age too.

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Once again may I state.... If a young person makes a decision that they will not form any type of relationships other than friendship with unbelievers ( and that means not dating either) they will avoid many of the problems that will arise "on down the line"... Does that mean that there is safety in marrying a Seventh-day Adventist? Positively not! Marriage has its pitfalls not matter who or what you marry BUT you need to "have as many of the odds on your side" as possible.

Within my own family there is one member who made up her mind that she was going to "marry the boy back home... Adventist or not".... She attended an Adventist college 4 years and never dated anyone there because of her decision. Her "intended" took Bible studies but was never baptised.
They were married by an Adventist pastor who should have refused. ( He was the one who had given the Bible studies)..... The husband NEVER became an Adventist and had no religious affiliation whatever. He did not oppose his wife in any way in her beliefs nor attendance....but he seldom joined her. They had three female children who attended Adventist Colleges. One became an agnostic and is now divorced. The second not only renounced Adventisim but also Christianity in order to marry a Jewish doctor whom she subsequently divorced and married another. There are five children between the two of them... none of whom have anything to do with Adventists. In growing up the two girls opted to follow in their father's footsteps...Why not? Their parents were not in agreement over religion. The third girl married an Adventist pastor and it a happy pastor's wife ( and a professional at the same time) and has a young son attending church school. I blame the first relative I mentioned for the fact that there are two daughters and five grandchildren "outside the fold" and all we can do is pray for them. Footnote: Her husband died in a tragic accident a few years ago... and now who lives all alone in a big house and travels around the world a couple times a year to keep herself busy. I think that this might have been a different story if she had trusted the Lord to provide a companion for her instead of going her own willful way......................'nuff sed
Of COURSE the advice given through godly counsel is always the best way to go, but as long as human beings have the power of choice there will be complexities of situations and decisions, depending on the variables in the person's circumstances. And there is always sinful nature to contend with, "own-way-ness".

And because we never the whole story on anybody's story - not even among family members - my concern would now be for the second daughter, who is "approaching that age" also. I don't know if there is an age you approach, because I imagine she must have made some comparisons and observations in her mind regarding the handling of her sister's situation. And because young people are famous for citing the exception to every rule, is there another battle brewing?

Both kids' parents seem to be in a power struggle of their own, quite apart from the actual dating dilemma, and I wonder if this has fuelled the fire more than the moral and religious implications?
Some times .... we just have to suffer because of bad decisions. Yes we are humans. But when we make wrong choices there are natural consequences.


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